The Experts

Future:NET is the premier networking industry event, led by those who have walked the walk. Join industry experts and networking leaders as they drive deep technical discussion and offer insight around the future landscape.

We are currently engaging the lineup of Experts for Future:NET 2020. Check back with us as we continue to announce these industry leaders.

Nick McKeown

Stanford University / Professor

Pere Monclus

VMware / CTO, Networking and Security

Rajiv Ramaswami

VMware / Chief Operating Officer

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The Sessions

Engage in live debate with cross-industry technical experts, join lighting rounds with networking moguls, and help drive conversation as industry luminaries and pace-setting front runners connect the dots. Experience has its dividends.





The wizards of networking predict major architectural shifts.

Prediction or certainty? Each wizard will have a chance to forecast the future state of networking in this lightning round capturing the impact of security, from the bits and bytes of hardware, to the role of software, to multi-cloud. How will networking architectures shift? Containers? Going serverless? No tarot here, these are experts.

The evolution of AI to autonomous.

With AI-infused predictive technologies marking a significant leap forward on the march to automation, companies are expecting the ability to troubleshoot problems based more on structured workflows and less on the knowledge and intuition of a single individual. But when can the industry expect to realize this level of autonomy? What are the steps to get there? A select group of experts will guide the journey.

Job postings for the network team of the future.

Moving from a traditional, siloed IT organization in which the network team focuses on uptime to being part of an integrated team that’s focused on service delivery requires a major mind shift. Do you have the right skillset onboard or do you need to start posting? Let's discuss how skills, abilities and values all play a role.

Collapsing the physical—how far will it go?

Software? Hardware? Both? The physical network is collapsing but how far can we expect the inevitable migration toward software to go? Sides will be chosen as industry experts get on their soap box to plead their case on a topic that keeps many CTOs up at night.

Expert deep dive: Can DevSecOps can hurt your business?

Integrating security into DevOps? Those might be fighting words for some. The rapid adoption of DevOps is forcing security teams to consider integrating security throughout the development lifecycle. But are the consequences to the business? Let the experts explain.

Explore The Future:NET Interactive.

Get up and walk around. Explore a visual journey in the future of networking gallery where you will have the opportunity to reshape it with your thoughts, your theories, your predictions.

Cloud architecture—a peek under the hood.

The network of the future is software-centric and cloud-compliant, so that’s where the innovation will be. Will the day come when vendors stop supporting products for legacy networks? What's the path to a fully cloud-native strategy look like? All important questions, and ones you should weigh in on in an open discussion format.


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