Deepak Bansal
GM at Microsoft Azure

Deepak Bansal founded and leads the SDN team in Microsoft Azure. His team develops, deploys and operates one of the world’s largest, most reliable and most scalable SDN implementations in the world. Azure SDN enables customers to deploy their workloads in Azure on a private network (“called Azure Vnets”) and leverage NFVs such as load balancing provided via “Azure LBs”. Azure Vnets offer rich security features such as subnet based ACLs via “Network Security Groups” and service chaining with a rich marketplace of NFV appliances via “User Defined Routes”. Customers can connect the cloud resources to on-premise via various private connectivity options offered through “ExpressRoute”. Azure Vnets can be peered. His team has developed Azure CNI and Azure container policy controller to bring a seamless SDN solutions to containers and functions. Prior to Windows Azure, Deepak led the development of the TCP/IP network stack in Windows, including IPv6 support. Deepak has a Masters in Computer Science from MIT, Cambridge where he won Masterworks awards for his thesis on new TCP congestion control algorithms. He has Bachelors from IIT Delhi, India where he topped the Computer Science department. Deepak’s areas of interest are Cloud, SDN, containers, core networking protocols such as TCP/IP, IPsec, and HTTP, load balancing, new network abstractions, wireless networks, network security, and QoS.

Unified SDN for Microservices

Afternoon session

SDN solutions have been well established and widely adopted for VM workloads and are now being made available for container workloads. In this talk, Deepak will talk about the unique challenges that container SDN solutions must address. Containers need SDN solutions to be highly scalable, easy to use and support a rich ecosystem of compute orchestrators. Container SDN solutions must provide inter-operability across multiple compute paradigms such as VMs, functions, containers and on premise. Deepak will present an architecture called “Delegated Network Control” that enables container SDN to scale, support a rich ecosystem of compute orchestrators and enable easy interoperability across VMs, functions, containers and on-premise. Deepak will compare it to other solutions. Deepak will also discuss the policy constructs and specification that make it easy to use.

Watch the session recording here.