Drive Digital Transformation with VMware Solutions 

VMware software-defined innovation helps CSPs and other enterprises accelerate application and service delivery with the speed and agility you need. Our software-defined architecture spans network virtualization, IoT, and digital workspace solutions that deliver and manage any app on any device. 


Visit us at Hall 3, Stand 3K10 to meet with VMware subject matter experts, participate in demonstrations, connect with VMware partners, and network with your peers.

Realize What's Possible for the Digital Workspace

Learn how to provide a consistently great end-user experience to enhance productivity for knowledge workers, mobile workers, and even 3D developers across devices, locations, media and connections. You’ll see how VMware solutions help end users access all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace. Now you can deliver and manage any app on any device by integrating identity, application, and enterprise mobility management. And keep mobile devices, applications, email and content secure while accelerating your mobile strategy.


Available Demo Stations:


VMware Workspace ONE

  • Mobile devices in the enterprise have become critical tools for employee productivity, but ensuring security, compliance and data protection have not always been easy.  Workspace ONE represents a powerful set of tools for enabling enterprise device, identity and application management. It combines consumer simplicity with enterprise security.

Windows Apps as a Service

  • New Windows Software Distribution capabilities in AirWatch create a more efficient and enterprise scalable deployment experience that reduces bandwidth, infrastructure, and labor costs.
    • Manage the full lifecycle of Win32 apps - including deploying apps, dependencies and patches.
    • Eliminate the challenges of complex app packaging, unreliable app installs and recurring OS imaging with App Stacks delivery.
    • Distribute apps to remote and branch users with CDN and P2P capabilities and eliminate your distribution server footprint.
    • Deliver apps in a unified app catalog and provide a consistent single sign-on experience for the user.

Rugged, Wearable and Peripheral Management

  • Interest in enterprise wearable technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been growing rapidly and is expected to continue at a fast pace. Leading companies across a variety of industries see the value in wearable technology – particularly smart glasses and smart watches – can deliver in terms of speeding manufacturing, improving collaboration, achieving greater operational efficiency, and increased productivity.

Modernizing Windows Management

  • Take a look at our cloud-first, modern Windows management and security solution that fundamentally changes how IT approaches PC lifecycle management. Learn how unified endpoint management helps organizations lower the cost of managing Windows deployments; streamlines securing endpoints, apps and data on any network; and delivers peak user experience across any Windows device.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Deep dive into the latest functionality from the top OEMs, explore how AirWatch is supporting new capabilities and learn how the updates can impact your business and mobile deployments.

VMware TrustPoint

  • Discover how TrustPoint can help security and IT operations teams get complete visibility over millions of endpoints in 15 seconds or less. Join us to better understand how endpoint security is becoming paramount to protecting your organization, how the tools of yesterday are not adapted to today’s security threats and how TrustPoint can help your security teams protect your organization while helping your IT Ops teams gain in efficiency and reduce costs.

Secure End User with VMware NSX

  • VMware secures identity and endpoints by delivering a ubiquitous software layer across all users and endpoint devices. This provides end-to-end visibility and control of the user and endpoint, extending all the way from the user into the data center or cloud, without impacting the user’s consumer-like experience.

Realize What's Possible for the Internet of Things

Discover how to speed IoT implementation, ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right thing or person at the right time. Learn how to manage millions of things as easily as one with complete end-to-end control—from the edge to the cloud. Experience what it’s like to operate smarter with a global view of your IoT environment, applying rules and resolving anomalies as they arise. All while preventing and minimizing security threats across things, data, applications, and users.


Available Demo Stations:


Smart Factory

  • Supercharge your manufacturing processes by having granular control over factory robots. Knowing operational anomalies beforehand will help preventing downtime or drastically reduce costs and time associated with it.

Connected Driver

  • Learn the future of driving- a safer, smarter and personalized experience. With IoT sensors your car is fast becoming a “device on wheels”. As an automotive company, learn how VMware can help you minimize recall time due to faulty software and enhance the driver experience by allowing you to personalize it for every driver.

City of The Future & Smart Facilities

  • Demonstrate the future with safer, smarter and sustainable buildings/cities. See how VMware can manage and monitor data from the various modeled devices of the building (temperature sensor, solar panel, elevator, doors, lights, HVAC, glass panels) and provide actionable insights to reduce energy costs and promote tenant safety and convenience.
  • This will be for both the AR experience and the Smart Facilities.

Smart Retail

  • Automate and enhance customer experience in stores by understanding, managing and optimizing occupancy across all stores.

Realize What's Possible for Network Function Virtualization  

See how to transform network service delivery with unprecedented agility, scalability and improved economics. Learn how to accelerate time-to-market for network-based services with carrier-grade performance, streamline operations management and analytics with end-to-end visibility and policy-based control, and automate and orchestrate networks with built-in operational intelligence and control of NFVI compute, storage and network resources. Now with the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™, you can provide a common operating environment for IT and Network Operations. 


Available Demo Stations:


What's New in vCloud NFV 2.0

  • The launch of VMware vCloud NFV 2.0 provides new features and capabilities that will help automate service delivery, provide complete visibility and operational management across the NFV infrastructure all on a carrier grade platform. This will enable Operators to accelerate time to market, increase revenues, simplify operations and lower TCO.

vCloud NFV Partner Ecosystem Overview

  • Learn about the broad ecosystem of partners that work with and have been certified with VMware vCloud NFV. These partners cover Management and Orchestration solutions, vIMS, vCPE, vEPC and SD-WAN.

NFV Solutions for Today's Most Dynamic VNF's

  • Learn how VMware and its partners can simplify and automate the deployment of solutions including VoLTE, vEPC, vCPE, SD-WAN, vIMS.

Achieving Operational Agility

  • Operations Intelligence is a critical component leading to the successful deployments of NFV. Operators can learn how VMware and its partners can deploy new services / VNFs leveraging TOSCA blueprints along with a full infrastructure management and healing.

Virtual IMS Deployment Using OpenStack

  • While OpenStack is a very popular option, there are many challenges when it comes to deployment. VMware offers an OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and significantly simplifies the installation of OpenStack as well as deployment of services, including vIMS, on its VMware Integrated OpenStack. In addition, having a fully integrated Operations Management solution enables Operators to simplify operations, gain greater visibility into their network and overall lower operational costs.

vCloud NFV Enabling New Revenue Streams for Connected Cars

  • IoT is a key driver for Operators to transform their network architectures to NFV. With the Connected Car seen as a major service that Operators can deploy in their network and offer to auto manufacturers as a new revenue stream. VMware along with its partners will demonstrate new services and applications that can be deployed along with offering a high Quality of Service for specific applications. This demo will highlight how Operators can leverage VMware vCloud NFV to deploy a new service, provide prioritized service levels and have a fully integrated operations management solution to gain full visibility across their service.