June 13, 2019

Breaking: VMware Announces Intent to Acquire Avi Networks

By Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development


The Virtual Cloud Network is VMware’s vision for the future of networking, one based on a software-defined distributed network architecture that spans all infrastructure and ties all these pieces together with the automation and programmability found in the public cloud. A Virtual Cloud Network enables organizations to respond to new opportunities and threats, create new business models, and deliver services to all applications and data, wherever they are located.


At the heart of our VCN vision is a networking and security portfolio that has evolved over the last half decade. Through organic innovation and strategic acquisitions, we have built what is arguably the industry’s most successful software-defined networking portfolio. Nicira, Arkin, PLUMgrid and Bracket Computing, have all helped shape and advance our direction in data center networking. The acquisition of VeloCloud enabled us to extend our networking footprint into enterprise branches for SD-WAN…and enter it as a leader from day 1.


It’s against this backdrop that I’m excited today to announce our intent to acquire Avi Networks, which will extend our capability to deliver a range of multi-cloud application delivery services to our networking and security portfolio upon close of the deal.


It’s all about meeting application requirements for customers. Enterprises want to deliver applications consistently across their infrastructures and environments. To be successful, IT needs to automate all networking and security services across private and public clouds to enable self-service for developers and gain the agility the business needs. Beyond just automated provisioning, IT needs comprehensive visibility into the end-user experience and end to end application performance.


Avi Networks will enable VMware to bring the public cloud experience to the entire data center – automated, software-defined, highly scalable distributed architecture, and intrinsically more secure – and deliver the industry’s most complete software-defined networking stack from L2-7 built for the modern multi-cloud era. Avi Networks is deployed at hundreds of customers including Fortune 500 global banks, media companies, eCommerce companies and retailers, and manufacturing firms. Many of the most recognized online applications including online payments, financial management, tickets, retail, and streaming media are delivered by the Avi Platform.


With the addition of Avi Networks upon the close of the deal, I am pleased that VMware will be well-positioned to continue leading the industry transition to a software-defined future.