Join Us at VMworld 2018

VMware IT experts will share product deployment journeys and best practices. We invite you to attend our sessions or stop by the Expert Bar. 

VMworld Highlights 


Leading Digital Transformation

VMware CIO Bask Iyer discusses how digital transformation is shaping the future of IT.


LDT1324: Providing a Superior Employee Experience

A panel discusses how to deliver a modern digital experience to employees. 


LDT1873: VMware IT’s Multi-Cloud Strategy

Learn how IT shares workloads between the private and public clouds. 


LDT1252: A Fly on the Wall

Participate in a CIO staff meeting focusing on last year’s highs and lows and what’s ahead.


LDT1883: Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI are improving cloud and infrastructure operations. 


LDT1433: Accelerating Application Development

A panel discusses how to successfully accelerate IT development to drive business agility. 

Leading Digital Transformation Track is Back

Technology-driven innovation is disrupting every market and industry. IT must act as a partner to the business to drive innovation, growth and cross-company digital transformation. This requires a cultural shift and a commitment to constant learning and experimenting.


2018 IT Leader Quickstart Guide