VMware and DXC: Delivering Next-Gen Solutions to Drive IT Transformation and Growth

Get fast, simple, cost-effective, and cutting-edge IT-as-a-service built on VMware’s industry-leading virtualization, automation, and cloud infrastructure solutions. Work with the world leaders in next-generation IT solutions—VMware and DXC.

  • Accelerate time to value ‒ Move securely and rapidly to cloud by enabling organizations to use cloud services while leveraging investments in legacy infrastructure.
  • Unlock productivity while protecting customer trust ‒ Provide access to any application from any device while safeguarding corporate assets with next-generation digital workspace solutions.
  • Provide end-to-end security from cloud to mobile devices ‒ Protect operating systems, applications, and data across private, public, or managed cloud to mobile devices.
  • Leverage expertise and experience – Rely on 50+ years of systems integration and managed services experience to help clients determine how to plan, build, and deploy optimal systems with the expertise of over 56,000 experts.

VMworld 2017:


DXC participated at VMworld 2017 where VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced the initial availability of VMware Cloud™ on AWS. VMware and DXC, world leaders in next-generation IT solutions, deliver next-gen solutions to drive IT transformation and growth.


In his keynote speech at VMworld 2017, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger mentioned how DXC, a great partner or both VMware and for AWS, is acutely positioned to lead the market in a powerful way with a hybrid offering, combining the security of VMware private cloud with the flexibility of the public cloud:


“Together, VMware and DXC have a long-standing history of building, selling and delivering next-generation technology services to enable the digital transformation journey of our mutual clients, and we look forward to accelerating growth via this expanded partnership with DXC. DXC’s Digital Transformation Services enabled by VMware’s hybrid cloud services platforms will provide a consistent set of day-zero through day-two operations that delivers governance, security, visibility and control independent of how customers’ applications are built and where they run.”


Stephen Hilton, Executive Vice President, Global Delivery, DXC Technology, stated:

"DXC Technology and VMware have a strong history of teaming together to help clients with their digital transformation journeys. By combining VMware's Hybrid Cloud Services platform with DXC cloud services and industry expertise, we provide our clients the choice of both on-premises and cloud solutions on existing virtualized applications. This allows the business to make decisions based on cost, flexibility, and availability that transcend the constraints of legacy datacenter and app hosting decisions.”


Managed Hybrid Cloud Services with DXC and VMware

Enabled by VMware’s next-generation hybrid cloud services platforms, this new initiative enables enterprise clients to accelerate their journey to the hybrid cloud while benefiting from an operationally consistent, resilient, secure, and cost-effective hybrid cloud environment based on VMware Cloud on AWS.

There are two offerings under this portfolio of Cloud Services


DXC Managed Services for VMware (MSV)


This offering enables Industry-leading, enterprise-class, managed dedicated private cloud solution

  • 100% dedicated, managed, complete cloud solutions
  • Consumption-based service configured to meet your organizations’ needs
  • Automation through APIs for simplified operations
  • Complete “system-level” SLA for enterprise-class applications
  • Customers are able to achieve outcomes such as  
  • Operational agility and scalability with enterprise IT control
  • Increased visibility through Self-service, on-demand  model
  • Higher utilization through optimized workload placement
  • Consistent networking and security policies to limit risk

DXC Managed Services for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware SDDC technologies are delivered as a service on the world's most popular public cloud through this offering

  • Dedicated AWS bare metal infrastructure with Easy scalability using hyper converged physical hosts 
  • Self-service portal for provisioning and lifecycle actions
  • Consumption-based service configured to meet your organizations’ needs
  • Single integrated service model for managed AWS and VMC services 

Customers may achieve outcomes such as  

  • Bi-directional, secure workload portability to realize flexibility
  • Seamless management and control across workloads
  • Cost competitive consumption-based model
  • Seamless application migration and native adjacency to innovate with AWS native services

Additional DXC services enabled by VMware technologies and platforms include:

  • Hybrid cloud automation, provisioning, and workload management services utilizing VMware’s next-generation hybridity and migration services platform and VMware vRealize Automation™ for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Cloud management services
  • Industry-specific cloud services

DXC Workplace and Mobility Offering


DXC MyWorkStyle from VMware and DXC, is a suite of joint solutions that enable enterprise to virtualize their desktop and applications so the employees can access it on any environment and any device without compromising on the security and compliance.

MyWorkStyle—Virtual Desktop and Applications Including VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon Air

The DXC MyWorkStyle virtual desktop and applications (VDA) offering enables shared desktop, persistent and nonpersistent desktops, and application virtualization through AppVolumes. It offers a choice of consumption options—public cloud, private cloud, or managed service. In addition to enabling rapid deployment and ramp up/ramp down of the capability, it also offers small volume options to meet needs of the customers across every spectrum.


  • Simplified desktops and apps—Access virtual desktops and hosted apps in just a few clicks.
  • Premium end-user experience—End users enjoy a great experience across any network, location, or device.
  • Integrated security and control—Your cloud environment is always available and secure with a guaranteed service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Increased deployment options—A broad range of desktop and application deployment options are offered from a single cloud service.
  • Lower TCO costs—Reduce upfront costs with cloud economics.
  • Hybrid cloud flexibility—Balance your needs and requirements across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.
Virtual Desktop and Applications

DXC MyWorkStyle—Device and Mobility Management Including VMware AirWatch®

The DXC MyWorkStyle Device and Mobility Management (DMM) offering enables a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform that delivers simplified access to enterprise apps, secures corporate data, and enables mobile productivity. It offers cloud-based delivery models—public, private, and dedicated—to reduce CapEx requirements. The offering also includes role-based unified management and policies across desktop and mobile devices, and mobile app store and content management through enterprise file sharing and data synchronization.


  • Manage all endpoints in a single solution.
  • Support full app lifecycle from development to deployment.
  • Automate processes and deliver intelligent insights.
  • Protect corporate apps and data on any network.
  • Increase productivity with engaging mobile business apps.
Device & Mobility Management



To learn more about the VMware and DXC alliance, please email DXC@Vmware.com. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.