IBM and VMware: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey


Power the innovation required for growth, with IBM Solutions for VMware Cloud. IBM and VMware have deepened their decade-long alliance by becoming strategic go-to-market partners. No matter how complex your IT environment, VMware and IBM can help you navigate securely through your transformation journey cost effectively. Combine the agility of VMware solutions and the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson to succeed in today’s digital era.

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IBM and VMware Partnership: Transform Business in the Cloud

IBM & VMware executives discuss how together they integrate technologies, innovate, and go-to-market to bring enterprise clients to the cloud.

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Why IBM and VMware?

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VMware and IBM Expand Global Cloud Partnership with New Desktop Services

Joint message from Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware, and Robert LeBlanc, SVP, IBM Cloud

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  • Extensive VMware expertise among IBM professionals ‒ The long-term strategic go-to-market partnership with more than 14 years of experience has produced extensive VMware expertise among IBM professionals. Combine IBM’s vast services resources with VMware’s flexible next-generation technology to seamlessly optimize, protect, and mobilize your IT infrastructure
  • Business transformation opportunities ‒ A shared vision and commitment to enable business transformation through C-suite conversations and capabilities
  • Leading-edge technology with lower TCO ‒ Customers gain the cost-saving benefit of IBM Services’ discount on VMware technologies without compromising service quality
  • Unmatched global scale ‒ Sustain your organization’s profitability, drive new revenue opportunities, and maintain high service quality globally. Work with the world’s largest IT services company combined with the world’s largest virtualization technology company to deliver consistent service level to your customers irrespective of where they are located
  • End-to-end expertise ‒ Stay ahead of competition with next-generation IT. Leverage market-leading technologies to create an agile and efficient software-defined enterprise

IBM received the VMware 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award for Integrate Public Clouds and the VMware Global Systems Outsourcer Innovation Award at the 2017 VMware Partner Leadership Summit to recognize outstanding achievements accomplished during the previous year.


Enterprises are rapidly adopting the cloud for the agility it delivers and the cognitive and big data innovation it enables, said Faiyaz Shahpurwala, General Manager, IBM Cloud. IBM and VMware working together allows enterprises to easily transform and integrate existing VMware environments into highly scalable and global hybrid cloud deployments.

VMworld 2017:

IBM participated at VMworld 2017 both US and at EMEA as Global Diamond sponsor. VMware announced its breakthrough solution for securing applications running on virtualized or cloud environments - VMware AppDefense™ amongst others.

To further their partnership, at VMworld Europe 2017, IBM and VMware, announced new VMware solutions on IBM Cloud. IBM and VMware partnership fuels global enterprise adoption, with more than 1400 enterprises in nearly every industry around the world extending their VMware environments to the IBM Cloud.

AppDefense plans to integrate with IBM's QRadar security analytics platform, enabling security teams to understand and respond to advanced and insider threats that cut across both on-premises and cloud environments like IBM Cloud. IBM Security and VMware will collaborate to build this integrated offering as an app delivered via the IBM Security App Exchange.

As attacks become more sophisticated, it's more important than ever for security analysts to have full visibility into potential security incidents at every layer of their IT infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud. The direct integration of AppDefense with IBM Security technologies will allow additional analysis of this data by Watson for Cyber Security, which can provide analysts with a clearer understanding of the scope of advanced attacks. It can also help bridge the gap between IT operations and security teams, allowing them to orchestrate incident response and quickly take action to defend their organization." - Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager, IBM Security


IBM Cloud


Let your IT infrastructure work for you with a cognitive, self-learning, agile system. Easily move, manage, and expand your VMware workloads to the cloud, enabled by a common platform for management, networking, and security on the trusted foundation of VMware.


  • Watson-enabled cognitive capabilities across your IT infrastructure for a smarter system that runs itself
  • Flexible, predictable cloud consumption model with no commitments
  • Automated provisioning for ease of deployment
  • Single-tenant, bare metal environment, available in over 20 IBM Cloud Data Centers
  • Compatibility with seamless networking and security
  • Maintain control with VMware vCenter access
  • More than 4,000 IBM and VMware certified consultants and sellers
  • Global professional services and managed services team to help our clients succeed



Protect enterprise applications and data running in virtualized environments with VMware Appdefense, a data center endpoint security product. AppDefense is uniquely positioned to tackle undetected threats and false alarms, by monitoring applications against their intended state and automatically responding when they deviate from that intended state, indicating a threat.


Combined with IBM QRadar, the number one security intelligence and analytics platform, Appdefense is positioned to deliver unparalleled security operations efficiency and effectiveness at the speed matching the fast-paced dynamic environments.

Network Virtualization


Transform the economics of network and security operations with VMware NSX, the network virtualization platform of the integrated enterprise. It increases agility by reducing provisioning time from weeks to minutes, and its micro-segmentation capability prevents security threats from moving laterally in the data center. Together with IBM—one of the world’s largest systems integrators—it dramatically simplifies operations and enables a non-disruptive environment.

Software-defined enterprises and network virtualized environments deliver an agile, fluid IT platform to accelerate your business with network virtualization, using VMware NSX with IBM infrastructure and services, including:


  • Add spontaneity to your data center provisioning. Apply changes to any network, from simple to complex multitier networks, rapidly through software
  • Hybrid cloud extensibility
  • Streamlined and automated operations with the VMware vRealize cloud management platform

Mobility Solutions


Business mobility—from virtualized desktops to mobile devices to peripherals—can help organizations expand and realize new opportunities, overcome challenges, satisfy customers, maximize talent and keep ahead of the competition. IBM GTS with VMware helps business leaders align their mobile strategy to their business goals through a wide range of services: evaluating mobile infrastructures against leading practices and identifying initiatives that will enhance results. IBM GTS, in conjunction with VMware, delivers one cloud, one app, one device next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, including mobility-as-a-service offerings.



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