HCI Assessment


Take the next steps toward HCI by getting the data you need in just 24 hours. The new HCI Assessment is powered by industry leading Live Optics and is a free, online software you can use to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads. This tool replaces the former vSAN Assessment and is the simplest way to assess the readiness of your existing vSphere environment for HCI.


How It Works

1. Set up your Partner Team 2. Invite your customers 3. Automate the sales "Discovery" Live Optics Profiling software 4. Let your customers collect "self-service" data proactively

Data Collection Workflow

Step 1: Request Capture

SE complete new user form/ find existing customer

System emails request with links to download the collector to the customer

Step 2: Collector Software

Customer downloads collector. No installation required

Identity of customers and SE embedded in collector

(Collect capture software expires in 90 days)

Step 3: Collector/Uploader

Two modes of the client software:

Live Collection: collector communicates directly with OS or device and streams the data back to Live Optics

File Uploader: collector validates raw data that has been manually pulled from the device and uploads it to the Live Optics Servers

Step 4: Project Creation

Project created and email notification sent to requester and customer

Link to access the project offline

PPT reports available for download