Optimize resource usage through reclamation and right sizing, cross-cluster workload placement and improved planning and forecasting. Enforce IT and configuration standards for an optimal infrastructure.

Intelligent Workload Placement


Workload Placement: Rebalance

Resolve resource contention & balance workloads across clusters. Workloads are often placed sub-optimally, resulting in inefficient usage of clusters and chronic resource contention. Resolution is a difficult, time-consuming, and non-strategic activity. vRealize Operations lets you visualize how your workloads are distributed and utilized across the environment and see trends so you can take action to improve performance, and it integrates with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

Automated Capacity Optimization

Increase efficiency by automatically rightsizing VMs to reclaim idle resources and boost consolidation ratios. As part of capacity planning, run “what if” scenarios to develop resource optimization strategies without the need for spreadsheets or complex scripts.

Capacity Trending, Analysis and Right-Sizing

Performance trends, projections and extended forecasts guide you in intelligent capacity planning to address future needs. Identify overprovisioned VMs at a glance and right-size them to reclaim unused resources.

Advanced Capacity Modeling with Capacity Planning and Project Management


Fast Facts: Capacity Planning & Project Management

Save “what-if” scenarios and commit capacity models to the analytics engine to influence capacity calculations and alerts. Extend capacity planning and project management capabilities beyond vSphere and across physical and application-level metrics.

Flexible Group Policies and Policy Management


Fast Facts: Policy Management

Prioritize critical workloads by defining thresholds, alerts and configuration settings at a group level. For even more advanced monitoring, create custom policies for specific workload types, applications or clusters.

User and Access Control Management

Grant authorization based on personas (such as VI admin and storage admin), controlling access to objects, features, actions and reports at the individual level.

Operational Compliance Views and Automated Remediation

Proactively enforce configuration standards, identify changes early on and automate remediation. Correlate change events to performance degradation occurring at any level of the environment.