AirWatch Connect

AirWatch Connect 2014

AirWatch Connect 2015

Client Products

WS1 PIV-D Manager

VMware AirWatch Agent

VMware AirWatch Android Motorola MX Service

VMware AirWatch Android OEM Services

VMware Workspace ONE Boxer

VMware Workspace ONE Web

VMware AirWatch Cab Creator

VMware AirWatch Chat Decryption Tool

VMware AirWatch Chromebook Agent

VMware AirWatch Content Locker

VMware AirWatch Inbox

VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel

VMware AirWatch MDM Agent

VMware AirWatch Protection Agent

WMware AirWatch Remote Management Applet

VMware AirWatch Remote Management Service

VMware AirWatch Samsung ELM Service

VMware Workspace ONE SDK

VMware AirWatch Secure Launcher

VMware AirWatch Sideloader for Windows Mobile

VMware Workspace ONE

VMware AirWatch Windows 10 Provisioning Service

Windows10 Policybuilder

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Development Tools

VMware AirWatch Jenkins Plugin for App Deployment

VMware Access Point

VMware AirWatch Cache

VMware AirWatch Chat Server

VMware AirWatch Cloud Notification Service

VMware AirWatch Content Gateway (.Net)

VMware AirWatch Content Locker Outlook Add-In

VMware AirWatch Email Notification Service

VMware AirWatch Validator

VMware Android MarketPlace

VMware vIDM

VMware vIDM Connector

VMware Workspace ONE Connector for Ellucian

VMware Tunnel Admin Service

VMware Workspace ONE Factory Provisioning Service

VMware AirWatch Memcached


VMware Workspace ONE Pull Service

Telecom Sample App

VMware Workspace ONE Smartfolio

UEM Chrome Extension

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK

VMware RemoteHelp

UAG Deployment Utility

Windows 10 Endpoint Management

VMware AirWatch Windows 10 Provisioning Service

Windows10 Policybuilder

VMware Workspace ONE Campus

To the extent any open source components are licensed under the GPL and/or LGPL, or other similar licenses that require the source code and/or modifications to the source code to be made available, you may download it above or you may send a request, with your name and address to:

VMware, Inc.
3401 Hillview Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States of America

All such requests should clearly specify; OPEN SOURCE FILES REQUEST, Attention General Counsel.