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All businesses are now digital businesses, which means they are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. Transforming security capabilities has become foundational as our customers evolve from infrastructure provider to business partner to digital enterprise.


VMware Professional Services adopts a holistic approach to security innovation. We recognize that success involves transformation across people, process and technology. And we know that today’s security requires entirely new skills and processes that move beyond the silos of legacy infrastructure.


At VMware, we have deep experience working with IT leadership teams to build and execute comprehensive, phased plans to revamp security. Our experts reduce risk, help get your team operational by Day 2 and ensure that you achieve measurable results at each milestone.


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Transform Security Solution Overview

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Securing Application Infrastructure

Multiple clouds and distributed applications using microservices are making application infrastructure more complex. For maximum visibility and control, you need to separate infrastructure from the applications running on top of it. Doing this enables micro-segmentation and the encryption of data at rest, which aids in aligning security controls with applications.

Secure Application Infrastructure Services can help you:

  • Abstract and pool network resources.
  • Visualize application communication across the network.
  • Provide workload and network introspection.
  • Provide next-generation anti-virus/anti-malware integration.
  • Secure ecosystem integrations and optimize infrastructure for regulatory requirements.
  • Provide granular application and isolation through micro-segmentation.
  • Adjust the operating and organizational models for next-generation security.

Read the Solution Overview, “Securing Application Infrastructure”.

Infrastructure Modernization Services

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VMware Professional Services can help you build a comprehensive, phased plan across people, processes and technology that will address your specific networking and security goals.


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