Transform Security

Protect sensitive data, digital assets, and citizen PII with end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that streamline compliance, enforce identity-based access management, and extend security from the data center to the endpoint device.


Jefferson County protects citizen data and maintains compliance in a zero trust environment.

Solution Benefits

Transform security architecture

Build robust data center micro-segmentation that lets IT easily create and manage workload-specific security controls that guard against threats and outsmart traditional perimeter defenses

Meet security-hardening guidelines

Reduce ever-increasing, dynamic threats while meeting the stringent requirements of government IT

Streamline governance

Fortify from the inside, creating a resilient infrastructure that ensures your agency is ready, responsive, and efficient


VMware Workspace ONE

Enable advanced access management, threat protection, and continuous diagnostic monitoring across endpoints.

VMware Horizon 7

Standardize virtual desktop and application management across identity sources.

VMware AirWatch

Manage and secure any endpoint—including desktops—from a single platform.

VMware NSX

Create and embed networks in the hypervisor layer to increase network and application security.



City of Avondale improves security with VMware NSX.