Manage all product licenses and streamline support

My VMware is a self-service, integrated, account-based interface that will simplify your online product license and support management experience. All VMware partners and customers may use this site.

What are some of the things I can do in My VMware?

  • Download products
  • View and manage product license keys and support at the customer account level
  • Easily create folders to organize your license keys
  • Get help and file support requests
  • View and manage all evaluations
  • Gain visibility into your purchases and support contract status
  • Speed installations with intuitive organization of product downloads and trials
  • Manage all user rights and permissions for license key management and support
  • Request renewal quotes for your support contracts
  • Track all tasks performed by users within your account

In many cases, your customers may designate you, VMware authorized partners, with these permissions.

My VMware

MY VMware Frequently Asked Questions for Partners


Does a My VMware profile allow me to log in to Partner Connect?

No, your My VMware profile is different than the Partner Central profile. Your Partner Central account has a log in email address with a .vmw extension (similar to, whereas your My VMware log in email address does not (similar to To register for an account with Partner Connect, please use the User Self Registration Form.

How is My VMware going to affect me as a Partner?

Depending on your Partner type, this Customer-centric tool may affect what is required of Purchase Orders for manual and EDI transactions. Specifically, an EA number will be required for orders for existing Customers. In addition, you can expect changes to the display of license and support information and the structure of how such information is managed within the Entitlement Account. When managing your Customer’s account, certain permissions may be required and must be assigned by your Customer to act on their behalf. 

Please review the Customer FAQs for more information. 

Can I log into My VMware from Partner Connect?

Not at this time. Although My VMware consolidates many existing portals, it does not currently integrate with or replace Partner Connect. My VMware is a separate portal with a separate log-in. 

Super Users Roles

I’m a Partner managing my Customer’s licenses, should I be the Super User?

No. The Super User designation typically remains with the Customer, with permission levels granted to you by your Customer. If you would like to be the Super User, please obtain permission directly from your Customer, confirming their desire to transfer all rights and capabilities to your organization as the Super User designation may carry specific legal responsibilities. 

I am listed as the Super User on my Customer’s account but I’m not sure if this is correct, what should I do?

Please contact VMware as this may be an error during the conversion process. Please contact the Partner Support Center


Why don’t my support codes appear in the tool?

Support codes for Partners are provided based on program tier and are not tied directly to licenses. As a result, support codes will still be located in Partner Connect and are not visible in My VMware.

Why can’t my Customer see their support on OEM licenses?

My VMware does not change the current process to view or obtain support on OEM licenses. Certain OEM Partners are responsible for their Customers’ Level 1 and Level 2 support as “authorized support providers”. Therefore, support is not associated to those licenses in the portal and will not be visible. 

Not For Resale

How do I request support for my Not For Resale (NFR) licenses?

Depending on your Partner type, most NFR licenses do not come with support and this remains unchanged. As before, you may use your support codes for this purpose. Locate your Support Code in Partner Connect and redeem online on the Partner Support Center

How do I renew my Not For Resale (NFR) licenses?

Renewal of your NFR licenses remains the same; they are renewed annually via the renewal of your Partner program agreement. If you have more program-related questions, please contact the Partner Support Center.

Why do my old Not For Resale licenses still show up even though they are expired?

If you are no longer using the older versions of the license, please contact the Partner Support Center to have them removed from your account.


Why don’t my Partner Evaluations appear in the tool? My Customer Evaluations are visible, but my Partner Evaluations are not. What’s the difference?

VMware utilizes a separate process to issue Partner-specific evaluations and this process is not currently linked to the My VMware portal.  

However, Customer Evaluation licenses downloaded directly from will appear in My VMWare. 

Entitlement Account (EA) Numbers

Can Customers have more than one Entitlement Account (EA) number?

Yes, Customers may be assigned, or may request more than one EA. During the conversion process to My VMware, Customers may automatically be assigned more than one EA number in their account. Please contact VMware if you wish to merge or aggregate your EA numbers, or if needed, to request additional EA numbers to be added.

There is no account level higher than an EA account. Customers with multiple EA accounts will also have multiple Super Users, each with the ability to manage only the entitlements tied to that specific EA number.

For new Customers, the initial EA number is created during the processing of their first order. All subsequent orders will roll up to this EA unless requested otherwise. 

What happens if I place an order without the Entitlement Account (EA) number?

For existing Customers, it’s important to look up and include your Customers’ EA number to make sure they are able to access their licenses through MY VMware. If no EA is provided for an existing Customer, this may cause delays during the ordering process or a new EA number may be created in error which will cause additional delays and impact Customer satisfaction. To avoid such delays, ensure that all orders for existing Customer include their EA number. 

New Customer are assigned their EA number during the order process.

If I don’t know my Customers Entitlement Account (EA) number, where do I find it?

Existing Customer EA numbers can be found using the "EA look up tool" in Partner Connect. 

My Customer has more than one Entitlement Account (EA) number by mistake, how do I fix this?

VMware has a process detailed for EA merge, aggregate, or deletion. Please contact your VMware representative or the Partner Support Center for more information. 

Entitlement Account (EA) Numbers – Resellers

I am a Reseller Partner. What happens if I do not provide an Entitlement Account (EA) number on the purchase order to my Distributor?

I am a Reseller Partner, how do I find my Customers Entitlement Account (EA) number if they don’t provide it?

To locate your Customers EA number, please use the “EA Look-Up Tool” provided online in Partner Connect. If your Customer has more than one EA number, please contact your Customer to determine which EA number they prefer to use. 

Entitlement Account (EA) Numbers – Distributors

I am a Distributor Partner, what happens if I do not provide an Entitlement Account (EA) number on the purchase order to VMware?

If the PO is for a brand new Customer, VMware will create the EA number during the ordering process. For all existing Customer orders, an EA should be provided. If no EA is provided for an existing Customer, this may cause delays during the ordering process or a new EA number may be created in error which will cause additional delays and impact Customer satisfaction. 

I am a Distributor Partner, how do I find my Customers Entitlement Account (EA) number if they don’t provide it?

Locating the EA number is a shared responsibility of the Partner Channel. The “EA Look-Up Tool” (coming soon) will also be provided for use in Distributor Central. If more than one EA is available to choose, please contact your Reseller Partner for more information. 

License Types

How do I distinguish my licenses by type? VSPP vs. OEM vs. Not For Resale vs. Internal Use Licenses?

My VMware allows users to determine their own organizational structure for licenses. Utilizing the folder management capability of My VMware, you may identify and group your products by order number, by name, by license type, or by any designation you choose. Once your order appears in the portal, you may make those changes at your discretion. 


Can my Customer choose a different Partner when they renew their licenses?

 Yes. My VMware does not change this process; Customers still have the decision power to retain their current Partner(s) or choose another during the renewal process.

How do I renew my Internal Use Licenses (IULs)?

 The renewal process has not changed for IULs. Please visit Renewals Center to complete your renewals.

What are VMware’s Renewal Policies?

 FAQs for Renewals answers the major questions about our Renewal Polices.


I am an OEM Partner, how do my Customers redeem their licenses?

The process for Partner Activation Code (PAC) license redemption for OEM Customers remains unchanged with one exception. During the redemption steps, the Customer is asked to select the appropriate EA number from a drop down menu. It is possible to have multiple EA numbers, both personal and corporate, but only one EA number can be chosen per license. If no EA number is chosen, we assume the Customer wants a new EA account created. If no EA number is available to select, this is likely a new Customer and an EA will be created automatically by VMware. However, if the Customer has an existing EA number but does not see it listed, then please contact VMware Customer service for assistance. 

How do I renew licenses I purchased from an OEM for my Customer?

If you are a Partner who purchased from an OEM versus a distributor, you or the Customer must renew those licenses with the OEM directly. 

Why don’t OEM licenses receive renewal alerts?

Licenses sold by specific OEM’s are not eligible for renewals alerts to the Customer as renewals are function of the relationship between the Customer and the OEM.  

How do I see my Customers’ OEM licenses?

Licenses are deposited by contract number into a folder within the entitlement account. It is the Customer’s obligation to give the OEM partner visibility. 


I am a VSPP Partner; will I be able to see my rental licenses and support?

Yes. Rental licenses are deposited into the home folder within the EA. Please match your rental order number to the order number provided to locate your rental licenses. We recommend you create and rename a new folder as appropriate for ease of identification. Full production support is available for all your rental licenses and support requests can be filed using the existing process.