How Your Experiences Improve Products and Services


VMware's Customer Experience Improvement Program ("CEIP") provides information that helps VMware to improve our products and services, fix problems and advise you on how best to deploy and use our products.

How Does CEIP Work?

As part of the CEIP, VMware regularly collects technical information about your organization’s use of our products and services in association with your organization’s VMware license key(s). Depending on the nature of the VMware product or service and the level of participation you select, the technical information collected consists of all or any of the following data:

  • Configuration Data – Technical data about how your organization has configured VMware products and services and related environment information. Examples of configuration data include version information for VMware products, product environment information, product configuration settings and technical data relating to the devices accessing those products and services.
  • Feature Usage Data – Data about how your organization uses VMware products and services. Examples of feature usage data include details about which product features your organization uses and metrics of user interface activity.
  • Performance Data – Data about the performance of VMware products and services. Examples include metrics of the performance and scale of VMware products and services, response times for user interfaces and details about API calls.
  • Product Log Data – Product Logs that are generated by VMware products during the active deployment of the product. Typically, logs record system events and state during product operations. These logs do not contain customer workload content.

VMware may update this information from time to time to reflect changes in our products and services and how we operate the CEIP, so we encourage you to periodically review this Web page to keep informed.

Participating Products

The products identified in the CEIP Product Table are participating in VMware’s CEIP program, and collect and process information in accordance with the program set forth above. For VMware products that collect usage data for improvement purposes and were established prior to VMware’s CEIP program, these products will have independent disclosures relating to the collection of technical and usage data within the product and applicable documentation. If you prefer not to participate in the CEIP for a particular product, follow the instructions in that product’s documentation here.