Accelerate Your Success With Our Wide Range of Benefits

Whether leveraging VMware learning materials, driving demand through comprehensive marketing campaigns and tools, or determining how to effectively sell and close deals, partners have access to numerous resources that support the development of their business model with VMware.


Expertise is the key to unlocking bigger deal sizes, better close rates and higher profits. Through Partner University, VMware offers a range of partner training programs to build your solution skills and enable you to become a trusted advisor to customers.

Partner Learning Paths and Training

Whether a virtualization novice or a seasoned veteran selling, architecting or deploying VMware solutions, partners can leverage role-based learning paths to reach the highest proficiency with VMware technologies.

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Available to all VMware partners and customers, this self-service, integrated, account-based interface simplifies the online product license and support management experience.

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Leverage marketing resources to help you build awareness and create demand.

Partner Demand Center

Download partner-tested collateral, leverage website content, sync social media posts, execute marketing programs, and more.

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VMware logos/templates

Download creative marketing resources such as VMware logos, product box shots, and other icons and graphics.

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VMware provides sales resources partners need to sell effectively and close deals.

Opportunity Registration

Rewarding partners for value-selling and leading with VMware solutions. 

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Sales Briefcases

Your on-the-go information hub for all top sales resources.

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Get the tools you need to generate ongoing renewals revenue.

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Check out Incentives and Promotions to see how to maximize profits 

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VMware Ready

Through testing and review, VMware Ready designates the highest level of endorsement for products and solutions created by VMware established partners.

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