The Power of Partnership 

Lenovo and VMware have been collaborating for more than twenty years, helping customers solve their most complex problems in virtualization and digital transformation. Lenovo has proven experience in developing and delivering VMware-based solutions that help customers modernize and simplify their IT infrastructure to dramatically drive down operating costs and open the door to cutting-edge innovations.

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Lenovo and VMware Deliver Hyperconverged Solutions



“Our increased collaboration and development with VMware is already producing terrific results for customers and partners with end-to-end solutions.”

- Matt Barkowitz, Director, Enterprise Alliances, Lenovo

“VMware and Lenovo have shared a really long history of working together going back over twenty years. Our mission is to help simplify and optimize IT infrastructure for our customers. We want to give them that peace of mind that comes from working with two trusted industry leaders. We can help them resolve their complex issues.”

- Tom Herrmann, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware



ThinkAgile VX

The ThinkAgile VX Series enables you to simplify your IT infrastructure and drive down costs through the combination of preloaded, easy-to-use software on powerful, extremely reliable hardware. The ThinkAgile VX Series, powered by VMware vSAN, is available in several models. Each is preconfigured, pretested, and optimized to provide the simplest way to bring a new VMware hyperconverged environment online.

Lenovo vSAN ReadyNodes

Lenovo vSAN ReadyNodes are delivered in a range of all-flash and hybrid nodes to meet a broad array of workload, performance, and budget needs. They provide an ideal combination of hardware and software for high performance and exceptional reliability.

Lenovo VCF ReadyNode

Lenovo’s new VCF ReadyNodes add to an existing portfolio designed to simplify IT, cut costs, and accelerate results. With Lenovo vSAN and VCF ReadyNodes as well as ThinkAgile VX solutions, we can enable the path to hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation allows you to deploy an enterprise ready private cloud and seamlessly extend that to public clouds such as VMware Cloud on AWS or other VMware Cloud Providers. Utilize common infrastructure and a consistent operational model as you leverage your existing tools, processes, and people. All of this is building on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, number one in customer satisfaction and reliability.

ThinkSystem for Horizon

ThinkSystem servers are designed for high capacity, high performance, and cost-effective client virtualization solutions. By using the Lenovo Client Virtualization solution, businesses can keep their data secured inside their own data center, accessible only by authorized personnel. With this solution, no data resides on a separate host that could be lost or stolen. These rack-based servers deliver the performance and stability required for business-critical cloud workloads.

ThinkSystem for vSphere with Operations Management

Build your business on a solid foundation. VMware vSphere with Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile combine to provide the most reliable environment with unparalleled virtualization. VMware’s Operations Management tools and Lenovo XClarity deliver intelligence to your data center while increasing efficiency and availability. Together, Lenovo and VMware can help you to establish cost-effective, highly manageable data center for your applications and cloud infrastructure.

  • Architected for better virtualization performance
  • With support for up to 1 TB additional memory—by far the most memory in the industry for x86 servers—ThinkSystem enables you to run more virtual machines per processor and expand memory.


  • Pre-integrated, pre-tested and cloud-ready
  • Everything you need is included in a single solution, optimized to manage larger workloads.


  • Simpler, more productive workflows
  • XClarity system management tools allow you to perform management, monitoring, configuration and task updates for servers, and provision and migrate volumes for storage.

Think System for vCloud Suite

Lenovo ThinkSystem for vCloud Suite can help you build an exceptionally reliable private cloud quickly, and manage it efficiently. This allows you to support mission-critical applications today, and flexibly extend and scale into a software-defined data center over time.

  • Better performance
  • Enjoy 100 percent faster compute performance 1 to accelerate decision making and application performance, while 3X more memory capacity 2 increases virtual machine performance.

  • Agility
  • Easily add capacity and have business-critical workloads up and running within minutes, and migrate workloads between servers in just minutes with no downtime.

  • Reduced IT costs
  • VMware vCloud Suite on ThinkSystem delivers greater CapEx and OpEx savings, resource utilization and staff productivity.

Customer Testimonial



“The combination of Lenovo servers and VMware software is fantastic. It gives us a single software-defined infrastructure that we are able to scale rapidly to meet spikes in demand.”

- Marcus Hill, CEO, Litewire