Rapid Development and Testing with VMware Workstation and Fusion

Build cross-platform and cloud-scale apps or test different operating systems and browser compatibility with VMware Workstation and Fusion. Whether you’re developing for iOS, Android or Linux; building Windows apps on a Mac; or building cloud-scale, container-driven web apps with workflow automation, VMware offers some of the most comprehensive tools available.

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VMware Workstation and Fusion for Developers

Workstation and Fusion provide the cross-platform foundation for modern development and testing.

Get More Agility, Productivity and Security

Check out our infographic to learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion deliver improved agility, productivity and security for developers like you.

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Cross-platform Development and Testing

Learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion enable development teams to move faster and be more flexible while minimizing time and cost requirements.

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Benefits for Developers 

Modernize Development and Testing

Develop and test applications in a virtual sandbox with the ability to rapidly create and eliminate virtual production environments. Whether using traditional desktop applications for Windows or Mac, server applications built on Linux or container-driven, cloud-native applications, the VMware platform is the foundation of a modern agile development workflow.

Automate and Deploy from CLI

Codify the rapid creation and elimination of virtual machines and their applications’ dependencies by using modern automation tools. Run headless VMs from the command line or integrate into a container-based automation workflow using docker-machine and Photon OS.

Download and Run Pre-Built Images

Take advantage of the emerging community sharing container-based images and VMware templates pre-built for developer workflows of every type.

Build, Test and Debug Apps for Windows 10

Build modern Universal Windows Platform applications with support for the latest touch devices with accelerometer and multi-touch pass-through on Windows 8 and Windows 10 hosts.

Securely Share Files and Paths from Host to Guest

Use shared folders to avoid having to re-download source code over potentially insecure networks during deployment. You can then re-use the same local files within your development or testing VM environments without having to download them or sync them into source code repositories first.

Encrypt Virtual Machines

Built-in encryption enables you to secure every VM and limit accessibility to only authorized users.

Develop More Secure Apps

Run your code on a VM to test the hardness of your application in a secure, self-contained and destructible environment, isolated from your host machine. You can even clone your VM to create a safe rollback without the worry of damage or compromise.

Use Containers to Build Cloud-Native Apps

Build, run and manage modern applications using VMware’s cloud-native solutions. Repackage your existing applications into containers using vSphere, or operationalize Kubernetes – the leading container orchestration framework – using VMware Pivotal Container Service, a production-grade Kubernetes-based container solution.

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Visit the Workstation and Fusion product pages to learn more about how you can build cross-platform and cloud-scale apps and test different operating systems and browser compatibility with VMware. Ready to start developing now? Try Workstation and Fusion for free or order online today.

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