VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple, enterprise-class shared storage solution for hyperconverged infrastructure optimized for vSphere virtual machines.

Virtual SAN Product Overview

Virtual SAN Product Overview

Virtual SAN Product Overview (3:10 min)

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Webcasts

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Webcasts

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Radically Simple Storage

Make your job easier by simplifying storage provisioning and management for vSphere—deploy storage with just a few mouse clicks from the vSphere Web Client and enjoy native integration with the VMware stack. Virtual machine-centric storage policies automate storage services levels on a per-VM basis.

Advanced Availability and Management

Discover why customers of all industries and sizes trust Virtual SAN to run their mission-critical workloads, from key business applications to thousands of virtual desktops. Virtual SAN 6.1 adds more advanced availability and management capabilities to further support the most demanding storage environments.

Enterprise-Ready Storage

Trust your data with the only hypervisor-embedded storage solution. Virtual SAN delivers all-flash configurations for up to 90K IOPS per host, vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) support, asynchronous replication with up to five minute RPOs and new stretched cluster capabilities for continuous availability.

50% Lower TCO

Deploy on inexpensive industry-standard server components to eliminate large, up-front investments and expand with predictable "grow-as-you-go" scaling. Virtual SAN lowers OpEx by eliminating siloed, purpose-built hardware and automating management of storage service levels through VM-centric policies.

Exceptional Performance

Built on an optimized I/O data path in the hypervisor, Virtual SAN delivers much better performance than a virtual appliance or external device. Experience up to 90K IOPS per host with all-flash and scale up to 64 hosts per cluster—a perfect match for virtual desktops, remote IT and business critical applications.

Linearly Scalable Storage

Virtual SAN delivers predictable, elastic and non-disruptive scaling of storage and compute resources—eliminating costly forklift upgrades. Every Virtual SAN cluster can scale out one node at a time, or scale up by adding capacity to existing hosts, and is capable of achieving over 8 PB of raw storage capacity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Union Hospital

We actually had clinics calling us up to say how much faster the apps were running once they were in a pure Virtual SAN environment. It seems like the more things we migrate to Virtual SAN, the more people are asking to be on it.

- Chad Elliott, Network Systems Consultant, Union Hospital


Virtual SAN is a highly efficient solution compared to a traditional SAN or DAS approach. By aggregating storage into a single resource pool, Virtual SAN enables us to be much more cost conscious.

- Frans van Rooyen, Cloud Architect, Adobe Systems Incorporated

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