Anywhere Workspace Services

Develop a Strategy and Roadmap

  • Align stakeholders on a common vision
  • Identify use cases and prioritize based on business value
  • Build a roadmap and rollout sequencing with a focus on fast value realization

Assess Requirements and Integrations

  • Define workforce personas
  • Determine employee device, application, and mobility requirements
  • Identify integrations for mobility and device management, identity and directory services, network and remote access, virtual infrastructure, applications and peripherals

Design, Build and Configure The Anywhere Workspace

  • Design the architecture and integration points
  • Design and configure secure access
  • Install and integrate the solution, directory services, identity providers and SIEM solutions
  • Connect cloud services to the existing environment
  • Configure VDI images
  • Integrate applications into the app catalog with single sign-on
  • Configure settings, policies, end-point protection, and devices

Operate at Scale

  • Define ongoing operations roles and responsibilities
  • Document IT process changes
  • Create employee support process for fast and efficient issue resolution
  • Configure monitoring and reporting to detect and remediate issues
  • Align an operations framework for the IT and SecOps teams to work in tandem to minimize security risks

Drive Adoption and Optimize to Gain Efficiencies

  • Develop an employee communication and adoption plan to drive rapid onboarding
  • Enroll devices, enable security sensors, and migrate employee devices
  • Reduce complexity and streamline application delivery
  • Leverage analytics to improve employee experiences
  • Improve support experiences with remote screen sharing 

Other Professional Services


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