Any Data. Any Size. Anywhere

Store, process, and understand your critical data assets. The VMware Data Solutions portfolio is designed to provide performance, scale, and freedom to deploy on-premises, in the multi-cloud, or anywhere in between.

Embrace Performance

Capture data sets of all types, make them available to every workload and ensure they're immediately available for use. Provide extraordinary insights and analytics faster than ever before.

Ensure Freedom of Scale

Run data operations with massive scale and growth. Scale as large as your business takes you and ensure your data operations move and grow as fast as you do.

Deploy Anywhere

Implement your data assets with open-source innovation. Deploy on-prem, in the multi-cloud, or anything in between while maintaining control and visibility.

VMware Products for Data Solutions

For modern organizations with an extensive number of interconnected data sources, VMware Data Solutions provides extremely efficient data transport, immediate availability, and the ability to uncover critical insights – to realize the true promise of data.

VMware GemFire

Fast, consistent data for web-scaling concurrent requests fulfills the promise of highly responsive applications.

VMware SQL

VMware's open-source SQL Database (Postgres & MySQL) is a Relational database service providing cost-efficient and flexible deployments on-demand and at scale. Available on any cloud, anywhere.

VMware Data Services Manager

Reduce operational costs and increase developer agility with VMware Data Services Manager, the modern platform to manage and consume databases on vSphere.

VMware RabbitMQ

A fast, dependable enterprise message broker provides reliable communication among servers, apps, and devices.

VMware Greenplum

VMware Greenplum is a massively parallel processing database. Greenplum is based on open source Postgres, enabling Data Warehousing, aggregation, AI/ML and extreme query speed.

Capabilities and Benefits

VMware Data Solutions provides the essential functions you need to store, process, and understand critical data assets.

Easily Store and Access All of Your Data

Easily store and access your data via on-demand caching, messaging and database software; built for data and development teams to address modern data challenges.

Lightning Speed and Massive Scale

Process, aggregate, and move data resources in real-time and at scale on-premises and in the multi-cloud world.

Understand and Act Upon Critical Data

Aggregate, normalize, scale and query at enterprise-level speed, ensuring operational clarity and valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making.

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