EMC Ionix Support


VMware completed the acquisition of EMC Ionix, and we wish to extend a warm welcome to our new customers. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding support services, and to meeting your future product support needs.  Please continue to leverage the existing EMC Ionix support teams and support methods until further notice.


As we look to integrate the EMC Ionix support and team into the VMware infrastructure and Customer Support Organization, we will provide you with updates on the changes

Support Portal Phone
https://www.vmware.com/support/contacts/   1-877-486-9273 (North America) or
1-650-475-5345 (International)

Support Renewals

Please refer to https://www.vmware.com/support/form/contract_renewal.html for your support and maintenance renewal related questions.

Additional Details

As of July 1, 2010, VMware is providing support for the following EMC Ionix products:

EMC Ionix Product Name New VMware Product Name
EMC Ionix Configuration Analytics Manager
(also formerly known as Configuresoft Configuration Intelligence Analytics)
VMware vCenter Configuration Analytics Manager
EMC Ionix Application Discovery Manager
(also formerly known as nLayers Application Discovery Manager)
VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager
EMC Ionix Server Configuration Manager
(also formerly known as Configuresoft Enterprise Configuration Manager)
VMware vRealize Configuration Manager
EMC Ionix Application Stack Manager
(also formerly known as FastScale Application Stack Manager)
VMware vCenter Application Stack Manager

If your EMC software support and subscription contract is active as of July 1, you will continue to receive service without interruption. To ensure uninterrupted access to support personnel, tools and information, each active software support contract is being mapped from EMC’s support offerings to the corresponding equivalent at VMware:

To familiarize yourself with VMware Technical Support, we highly recommend you read the VMware Technical Support Guide.


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