Technology for Greater Social Good: Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware

Can technology have a positive impact on industry while also saving threatened animals from extinction? Join Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware, on a 3D video tour showing how Mobile, Cloud, AI, and IoT technologies can improve our lives. From urban to rural settings, see how applications empowered with these technologies will revolutionize industries and improve outcomes. 


According to a recent global survey of enterprise executives, 69% of CIOs globally believe they are responsible for using technology for the greater social good.1 Watch Bask's demonstration of how combining these powerful new technologies can help the endangered elephant triumph over poachers in Africa.


If you have an Oculus headset, view the full VR experience here. Watch the Video (7:28)


Emerging Tech and the CIO 


Emerging Tech and the CIO: Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware

How should CIOs prioritize emerging technologies? For starters, don’t focus on just one new technology but rather on how to integrate multiple emerging technologies to unlock greater value.

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