Opening Back Up at Scale: Executive Roundtable Led by Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware

Enabling a global workforce to operate remotely overnight was one thing; bringing them back into the office safely is something completely different. Bask Iyer leads a candid discussion with executives in the US, Kenya, and France. They have navigated the hurdle of enabling employees to work remotely but are now grappling with the complex issue of safely returning those employees to shared office spaces, or possibly redefining their workspace altogether. Watch the Video (47:19)



Phares Kariuki, CEO, Node Africa 
Jeremiah Chunge, Head of Alternative Channels & Technology, Genghis Capital Ltd 
Didier Sabardu, Deputy Global Head of Digital Workplace, Société Générale 
Paul Green, CIO, Angel MedFlight .


Global Uncertainty and Leadership - Paul Green, CIO of Angel MedFlight and Bask Iyer, CIO of VMware

The COVID-19 global pandemic has completely changed how we're living our lives. While some organizations were prepared for the dramatic shifts in the needs of the market and their workforce, many were not. The ripple effects that will be felt by these events are impossible to predict and technology leaders are grappling with problems they cannot even define. We brought together Paul Green, CIO of Angel MedFlight, and Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO of VMware to discuss their perspectives on the effects that the crisis is having on business from a technology leadership as well as a human perspective.

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