VMware and Apteligent


In May 2017, VMware acquired Apteligent, an innovator in mobile application performance and engagement insights.


The Apteligent platform helps developers of mobile applications and IT organizations analyze mobile application performance in real-time, and understand user behavior for their mission critical apps to address issues that matter the most and have direct impact on business and revenue. Apteligent removes barriers between developers and end-users by providing converged visibility and contextual analytics by helping development teams prioritize issues and address app performance issues faster, improving application uptime, improving user experience, reducing churn rate and facilitating better collaboration.


VMware plans to leverage and integrate Apteligent’s mobile performance management technologies with VMware’s Digital Workspace Platform for enterprises building and delivering mobile applications to their end-users. With the Apteligent technology on our side, VMware envisions a significant value proposition that will benefit organizations through their digital transformation journey with mobile performance management, business insights and application behavior analytics.


Acquired Product Name
Current VMware Product Name
Acquired Product Name Apteligent
Current VMware Product Name Apteligent by VMware