Removing Data Center Complexity

Zettagrid’s vision is to simplify the virtual data center and hybrid cloud infrastructures it offers to clients. That’s why the Australian infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider enthusiastically upgrades its service offerings with solutions such as VMware NSX and Virtual SAN. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by VMware helps Zettagrid scale its resources quickly and efficiently, and pass the savings from reduced capital and operational expenses on to clients of all sizes.


Zettagrid and VMware

Zettagrid and VMware 

Powerful Networking Tools

Sophisticated features in VMware NSX, delivered through Zettagrid’s customer portal, let clients manage their virtual networking activities. Through a simple and powerful user interface, clients can control comprehensive, consistent networking environments without incurring complex administrative overhead. NSX features, such as Advanced Load Balancing, Dynamic Routing, Firewall, and VPN, eliminate customers’ need to spend money on dedicated appliances from multiple vendors.

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Zettagrid runs more than 4,000 virtual machines in its public cloud at data centers in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.


Location: Perth, Australia
Industry: Technology (IaaS Provider)
Products: VMware vSphere, vCenter Server, NSX, vSAN, VMware Cloud Director, vRealize Orchestrator

Optimizing Storage Resources

Rapid growth of Zettagrid’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering began to threaten the company’s agility. Using VMware Virtual SAN, Zettagrid increases storage capacity, simplifies operations, and helps ensure continuous uptime. The solution lets Zettagrid split customer and management workloads onto separate clusters and consolidate storage. By freeing management resources for customer use, Zettagrid generates revenue from repurposed hardware and defers the need for additional investments. Separating the management and customer platforms also gives Zettagrid more control to scale customer HCI deployments easily with Virtual SAN clusters.

Removing Business Barriers

By using VMware solutions including vSphere, vCenter Server, vRealize Orchestrator, and VMware Cloud Director, Zettagrid empowers customers of all sizes to create an account, create a virtual data center, assign storage, and pay for it with a credit card. For example, Speech Solutions eliminated the need to configure onsite networks for its dictation software by setting up as a cloud service on Zettagrid. A global developer of enterprise software, IFS is spending less on IT and focusing more on business, thanks to Zettagrid. The company easily deploys ERP, EAM, and ESM solutions using templates on Zettagrid virtual machines and even has a cloud-based product demonstration.

What Zettagrid has to say about us

“Zettagrid has always been an enthusiastic adopter of new technology and we are thrilled to be the first in Australia to automate NSX into the public cloud space.”


Nicholas Power, COO, Zettagrid


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