Inspiring Innovation

From the beginning, VMware has been on a mission to disrupt IT with our virtualization technology. We started with the premise that impossible is possible, but only with our talented people. We believe our people are responsible for our success, so we continue to fuel their curiosity and provide the platform to implement their ideas through a diverse set of innovative programs.


Getting Back to Our Creative Roots

Innovation is at the heart of VMware, and programs like Borathon give us an opportunity to build from our creative roots and work collaboratively on Flings, features, proof-of-concepts, hacks, or new workflows. Moreover, Borathon gives us an opportunity to engage as a community to work together to foster creativity and to build enthusiasm for our products.

Curious about the name? Our engineers wanted this event to reflect a bit of our history. So instead of simply calling this event a hackathon, they named it after their last code repository island name: Bora Bora. Thus, the name Borathon was born.


A Fling is a short-term project intended for interaction and exploration by other VMware employees and customers. Usually smaller utilities that perform a specific, useful function, Flings might not become part of a future VMware product offering or be fully supported, but many VMware customers find them incredibly useful. Based on customer feedback, the Fling author updates the Fling with new features or bug fixes. Some Flings are updated a few times a year, while others may be retired when their functionality is integrated into one of our products.

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Top 3 Flings

vSphere HTML5 Web Client

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ESXi Embedded Host Client

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Horizon Toolbox 2

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RADIO is VMware’s unique, internal, three-day technical conference that brings together more than 1,400 of our worldwide engineers. We share innovative ideas, learn about technical strategies and projects happening across VMware research and development and allow our developers to network and have fun with their peers.

The heart and soul of RADIO is the Research Program, where proposals are reviewed and selected to become research talks and poster sessions. This event has been VMware’s biggest innovation catalyzer for the past 13 years. Engineers walk away with new ideas, different perspectives and new contacts, which help them solve some of our thorniest challenges.

Celebration of Innovation & Human Potential

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay

These words were echoed by Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CEO, during the closing keynote at RADIO 2019 in May. That is what RADIO is all about: a glimpse into the future, a celebration of innovation, and most importantly, a testament to our human potential.

PE Talks


Since 2004, we host weekly technical talks delivered by and for VMware’s internal R&D community. It’s one way we stay connected to the great innovation work that happens globally and across all the business units. Whether it be a new idea, product demo, or sharing an epiphany (or failure), TechTalks is our platform to geek out and collect diverse mindshare.

We invite technical gurus, like Stanford CS Professor John Ousterhout, to share their wisdom and stories with our community.


Fostering Creativity and Entrepreneurship

xLabs is a place where creativity meets execution. Our mission is to fast-track great ideas to successful outcomes. We believe great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time, so xLabs offers VMware employees both with and without technical backgrounds a platform to bring their ideas to life. We invest and nurture great ideas, helping our innovators execute with the focus and agility of a startup.

This program is uniquely designed to support inspired, curious, and collaborative innovators, who love to tackle new challenges that will help shape VMware’s future.