Infrastructure Hybridity and Application Mobility


NSX Hybrid Connect provides infrastructure hybridity and application workload mobility at scale. It delivers optimized data center extension capabilities for seamless and secure connectivity between sites; interoperability across vSphere 5.0+; and live and bulk migration of application workloads across data centers and clouds without re-architecting the application.

NSX Hybrid Connect Datasheet

NSX Hybrid Connect Datasheet


Infrastructure Abstraction

NSX Hybrid Connect enables interoperability across different vSphere versions. You don’t need to upgrade your existing infrastructure to benefit from a modernized environment.

Workload Mobility

Seamlessly migrate apps from vSphere 5.0+ to a modern SDDC stack with NSX-based data centers, without impacting app performance or uptime.

Infrastructure Hybridity

A highly performant and secure fabric interconnects data centers and clouds with unified governance and control. A hybrid foundation enables data center modernization without business disruption.


Any-to-Any Mobility

• vSphere 5.0+ to any version on cloud or modern data center
• No need for infrastructure upgrade on the legacy source-side data center
• No need for NSX on the source side
• Any WAN (Internet, x-connect, MPLS)

Bulk Workload Migration

• Live vMotion
• Back and forth mobility
• Bulk warm migrations
• No change in IP, no NAT

Advanced Security

• Highly secure Suite B encryption of hybrid traffic
• Consistent security enforcement during application migration
• Tie back to single SSO and single policy enforcement
• Secure proxy for vMotion and replication traffic

High Performance

• WAN optimized links for migration
• Load balancing and TE
• High-throughput L2 extension
• Low latency across Internet or WAN

What Can VMware NSX Hybrid Connect Do for You? 

Consolidate and Modernize Your Data Center

With NSX Hybrid Connect you can easily bulk migrate or move apps to and from data centers with a secure, WAN-optimized hybrid interconnect. Accelerate the adoption of modern data center architectures, simplify management, and evolve your application strategy.

Expand Your Data Center

NSX Hybrid Connect delivers a high-performance interconnect between data centers, enabling workload migration at scale without downtime, while maintaining IT policy and management. Securely connect legacy data centers to modern data centers while maintaining business continuity.