VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform 

NSX delivers a completely new operational model for networking that forms the foundation of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

  • NSX enables the creation of entire networks in software and embeds them in the hypervisor layer, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware.  
  • All network components can be provisioned in minutes, without the need to modify the application.
  • Micro-segmentation and granular security are delivered to the individual workload.  

Introduction to NSX

What's New

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Announcing NSX for vSphere 6.4

Our blog explores how NSX 6.4 raises the bar for application security and planning.

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Learn about NSX for cloud-native apps.

Now Available: NSX Cloud

NSX as a service brings consistent networking and security for cloud-native applications.



Application-centric security is applied at a granular level to prevent the lateral spread of threats.

Application Continuity 

Run your apps over unified, seamless, and resilient networking and security infrastructure.


Automate networking and security services to remove operational bottlenecks.


Reduce scope of compliance by isolating the systems that store, process, or transmit sensitive data.


The Economic Impact of NSX

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Micro-segmentation For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Get Started with NSX in 5 Simple Steps

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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant

VMware is named a Visionary for Data Center Networking. 

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The Smart Way to Protect Apps

Get accurate threat detection and response for application endpoints, integrated with NSX.

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NSX Offerings

  • Standard Edition: Automates IT workflows, bringing agility to the data center network and reducing network operating costs and complexity.
  • Advanced Edition: Standard Edition plus a fundamentally more secure data center with micro-segmentation. Helps secure the data center to the highest levels, while automating IT provisioning of security.
  • Enterprise Edition: Advanced Edition plus networking and security across multiple domains. Enables the data center network to extend across multiple sites and connect to high-throughput physical workloads.
  • Remote Branch Office Edition: Automates and secures workloads in a remote or branch office.

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Technology Breakthroughs for Healthcare Provider

Nebraska Medicine virtualizes key parts of its network while safeguarding sensitive data.


University Strengthens its Security and Compliance

University of New Hampshire uses NSX to build a zero-trust security model and reduce operating costs.