Bring Employee Choice to Life with a Mac

Increase employee engagement and satisfaction by enabling them to use the devices they love. Workspace ONE is a modern and unified device management solution that brings to life your Apple at Work and Employee Choice programs for Mac. Enjoy easy deployment, automated management, security in real-time, and deliver delightful experiences for your macOS fleet.

Onboarding with Zero Touch IT

Utilize zero touch onboarding with Apple Business Manager and School Manager. Enjoy refreshing user experience with custom screens, modern authorization, progress indicators, and local account creation.

Security and Privacy

Strengthen security posture and protect work data with over-the-air policy controls. Gain rich analytics into devices using work resources, while restricting IT’s access to users’ personal information.

Covering the macOS App Gap

Get SSO access to virtualized apps on macOS devices with VMware Horizon technology, ensuring users can access critical software that’s not supported by the macOS platform.

Increase Assurance and Productivity

Create a delightful employee experience on macOS, no matter where employees work, by offering a self-service unified app catalog with SSO, Assist remote support, and Privacy Guard to protect user data.

Features of macOS Management

macOS Device Management

MDM-first approach for OS and app lifecycle management, packed with advanced customization capabilities using scripts and Sensors, Command Line Admin Toolkit, and no-code automation workflows.

App Management for macOS

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enables single sign-on (SSO) to any designated app on macOS, and apps can be auto-loaded, minimizing required intervention from IT.

Customize Onboarding

Deploy installer packages like Munki to devices immediately after the device is enrolled with the Bootstrap Package.

Conditional Access and Device Compliance

Built-in Zero Trust security analyzes device compliance and behavioral anomalies. It can grant or deny access, auto-remediate or remote wipe lost Apple devices.

FileVault Encryption

Enforce an encryption policy on macOS computers to protect data and escrow recovery keys stored in Workspace ONE so the keys can be recovered at a later time.

Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Workspace ONE Intelligence delivers a powerful automation and orchestration engine and offers capabilities that improve security and the employee experience.

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macOS Management Datasheet

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Empowering Employees to Choose Mac: e-Book

Empowering Employees to Choose Mac: e-Book

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