On October 5, 2016, QTS announced the acquisition of VMware’s vCloud Government Service, as well as the existing customer relationships and the related infrastructure hardware associated for the VMware and Carpathia co-branded FedRAMP – certified IaaS solution.


QTS is a leading provider of secure, compliant data center, hybrid cloud and managed services. QTS acquired Carpathia, a VMware Cloud Providers Partner whom VMware collaborated with for the vCloud Government Service offering, in September 2015.


VMware is partnering with QTS (as before) to provide on-going coverage to existing vCloud Government Service customers through the duration of all current contracts.


As of December 9, 2016, please use the following QTS processes, tools, and access methods for your support needs.

Technical Support and Licensing

Contacting QTS

Use this link for technical or customer service help:


Phone the help desk at:

  • U.S. and Canada: +1.866.239.5000

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Sales and Evaluations

Contact Sales at +1.877.787.3282