Introducing NSX for Horizon

NSX for Horizon brings speed and simplicity to the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) networking, with policies that dynamically follow virtual desktops.


VDI Networking with NSX for Horizon

Get an overview of the features and benefits of NSX for Horizon.

Customers Share Successful Strategies Using Horizon for NSX

ESG recently spoke with IT professionals that have benefited from NSX for Horizon virtual desktop deployments. See what they had to say.


Fast and Simple VDI Networking

NSX for Horizon lets you create, change and manage security policies across all virtual desktops with a few clicks. Map these policies to user groups to accelerate virtual desktop onboarding.

Automated Policy that Dynamically Follows Users and Desktops

Set policies that dynamically adapt to users' computing environments, with network security services that map to the user based on role, logical grouping, desktop operating system, and more—independent of the underlying network infrastructure.

Platform for Advanced Security

NSX offers an extensible platform that can be integrated with best-in-class capabilities from an established ecosystem of security partners. By dynamically adding services, virtual desktop security can be easily extended to take advantage of malware protection, anti-virus production, and advanced threat detection.

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VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

How to Get Started

NSX for Horizon brings speed and simplicity to VDI networking. This quick PDF can help you get started.

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