Connect, Secure, Scale and Operate Modern Apps

Modern applications make use of multiple runtimes and clouds which can complicate networking and security. The VMware Modern App Connectivity Solution helps infrastructure operators bring these apps quickly from the lab to production.

The VMware Modern App Connectivity Solution provides north-south app services with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi), secure east-west connectivity with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh for modern apps across clouds, and VMware Container Networking with Antrea for network connectivity and security policy enforcement for your Kubernetes apps.

Application Resiliency and Elastic Scale

Achieve elastic scale and application resiliency for north-south and east-west traffic across applications on multi-clusters and multi-cloud.​

Zero Trust Security and Compliance

Gain consistent security policies, end-to-end encryption and API security to protect applications, APIs and data.

Multi-Cloud Operations and Simplicity

Connect cloud native, traditional app and external services for end-to-end observability, without refactoring. Unify operations with GitOps workflows for DevSecOps transformation.

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