Detect Malicious Behavior Across The Network

Unlike traditional solutions that hairpin traffic to multiple discrete analytic appliances, VMware is the first security vendor to distribute NTA as a service within the hypervisor. This allows organizations to implement a Zero Trust approach to security with fewer tools and silos while scaling response with confidence, speed and accuracy.

Industry's First NDR Test

Workloads on the VMware multi-cloud platform are the only ones protected against APTs by the NSX Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that is AAA certified by SE Labs.

Exposing Emotet’s Cybercriminal Supply Chain

Get our latest threat report exposing tactics and development lifecycles of two new epochs of Emotet attacks and see how you can mount an ironclad defense.

Operationalize East/West Security

Behavioral analysis on east/west traffic across multi-cloud environments radically closes the security gap for lateral movement tactics defined by the MITRE ATT&CK.

Tapless Architecture

NTA sensors are built directly into the hypervisor for a completely tapless architecture—easing deployment while eliminating hairpinning.

Accelerate Time to Respond

Threats detected by NTA are correlated into attack campaigns with the context you need for rapid triage and response.

Unify Your Network Security Platform

Couple NTA with the NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW) to get a complete suite of access control and advanced threat detection capabilities.

Top Differentiators

Advanced AI Models

Apply supervised and unsupervised ML to detect network protocol and traffic anomalies and differentiate between real threats and false positives.

Distribute NTA as a Service

VMware distributes NTA directly on the hypervisor, essentially virtualizing the entire security stack, making security intrinsic to the infrastructure.

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Leverage VMware’s machine learning models that operate directly on encrypted traffic to identify malicious communication without the need to inspect any payload. 

Gain Authoritative Context

VMware gives you more than alerts. Gain full authoritative context of your environment and threat intelligence that is trustworthy, actionable and readily available.

VMware NSX Network Detection and Response helps us sleep better at night—we know that NSX will detect it.

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