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NSX+ is a new cloud-based offering of NSX. It will allow customers to manage networking, security, and advanced load balancing across private and public cloud environments.

Yes. NSX+ is engineered to provide a simple, non-disruptive upgrade for customers already using NSX. Existing NSX licenses can be converted to subscription. Contact your VMware partner or sales representative to start your upgrade to NSX+.

No. Existing workloads continue to run on-premises on ESXi hosts and/or on VMware clouds. NSX+ allows you to centrally manage your on-premises and VMware cloud environments from a centralized cloud console.

If you lose your connection to the cloud, only access to cloud services and the cloud console will be affected. Networking and security services will continue to run normally and can be managed locally from NSX Manager. Similarly, NSX ALB data plane traffic is not affected with the loss of connectivity to the Controller—i.e. there is no end-user disruption; only policy updates are paused.

Please contact your preferred VMware Partner or sales representative to find out more information on pricing and how to subscribe to NSX+.

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