Get Started at Your Own Pace


Extend private DC into AWS in three steps.


Hop into a pre-configured, test-drive environment to see how easy it is to extend your on-premises vSphere environment to AWS with VMware Cloud.


Roll out a 1-3 host production environment to tackle your priority use case. Get self-service purchasing, provisioning, configuration and on-demand add-on capabilities, and consumption-based pricing.

Compare Your Options

Single Host 60-Day Option

Our low-cost starter configuration with a 60-day window to complete your project or scale to production.

Number of Hosts:
• 1 Host
• For non-production use only

Available Payment Plans:
• On Demand
• Starting from $7/Host/Hour

Production Host Option

Deploy up to 3 hosts to tackle your priority initiatives and easily scale as your needs grow.

Number of Hosts:
• 2-3 Hosts
• Minimum 2 hosts for I3.metal, I3en.metal, and I4i.metal host type

Available Payment Plans:
• On Demand
• 1 Year Plan
• 3 Year Plan


For more information on each offering including pricing details, see VMware Cloud on AWS Pricing.


Getting Started for VMware Partners

As a VMware partner, you have several options to enable your customers to run VMware Cloud on AWS. Purchasing online is a great way to get started, but before you sign up, take a few minutes to learn more about how this solution works for partners.