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Get more out of your software-defined storage with vSAN 8 Update 1. The latest from vSAN brings you unbound scaling with HCI Mesh, performance boosts on ESA, enhanced operations across architectures, and accelerated cloud native storage for modern apps.

New Capabilities in vSAN 8 Update 1

Ensure No Resource is Left Behind with VMware HCI Mesh


  • Unbound scalability across any topology: HCI Mesh–VMware’s software-based approach to compute and storage disaggregation– enables to you scale in new ways. On vSAN Original Storage Architecture, you can now scale storage and compute independently across non-stretch clusters, stretched clusters, and vCenter servers.
  • Disaggregated storage on ESA: The flexibility of HCI Mesh is now available on vSAN Express Storage Architecture, enabling you to maximize resource utilization of your next-generation devices by sharing storage across non-stretch clusters.

Extract Even More Performance from vSAN Express Storage Architecture

  • Greater throughput for sequential writes: Performance improvements in vSAN Express Storage Architecture offer up to 25% higher throughput for sequential write workloads, making vSAN Express Storage Architecture a performant architecture option for retail and manufacturing edge customers, where CCTV and video monitoring are a key business application.
  • Boosted performance of I/O-intensive workloads: Within vSAN Express Storage Architecture, single object performance enhancements have been delivered, enabling you to achieve up to 25% better performance on high-demand, I/O-intensive applications.
  • Greater data durability on vSAN ESA: Delta durability components are now supported on vSAN Express Storage Architecture, providing added protection against data loss during planned maintenance. This newly supported feature ensures data on ESA is stored redundantly, in the instance of an unexpected host failure within your cluster while the host is in maintenance mode.ible with future software releases. 

Enhance Your Storage Operations


  • Streamlined remediation and resource access: A refresh of the vSAN Skyline module UX now includes a cluster-level health dashboard for a single-pane view of your clusters, any issues or alerts requiring attention, steps for troubleshooting, and relevant Knowledge base resources.
  • Enhanced I/O trip analysis: I/O Trip Analyzer now enables you to schedule VM analysis on a one-time or recurrent basis, running I/O trip diagnostic operations in the background and reviewing results at your convenience. A programmatic approach enables you to collect more data, more efficiently, for better analysis.
  • High-resolution statistics monitoring: The interval of statistics collection in vSAN Performance Service has been reduced by 90%–from every 5 minutes to every 30 seconds–providing live insight into vSAN performance metrics and enabling rapid troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Simplified management of vSAN ESA cluster-specific policies: vSAN Express Storage Architecture now supports dynamic default storage policy selection, auto-configuring the datastore default policy for new vSAN ESA clusters based on the type of cluster and number of hosts. By setting an optimal default datastore RAID policy–to either RAID 1 or RAID 5/6–based on cluster size, vSAN ESA ensures the recommended configuration is in place.
  • vSAN ESA automation and management with PowerCLI: The automation and management power of PowerCLI is now available for integration in vSAN Express Storage Architecture. Gain easy access to your inventory to monitor and manage your ESA environment and provision resources efficiently.

Simplify Management of Your Modern Applications

  • Cloud native storage capabilities on ESA: The benefits of vSAN cloud native storage are now available on vSAN Express Storage Architecture, enabling developers to seamlessly consume storage with their preferred container orchestrator, Kubernetes. Administrators also gain granular visibility into container volumes, empowering them to run, monitor, and manage health and compliance on a container volume basis quickly and easily.
  • Simplified access to the VMware vSAN™ Data Persistence platform: It is now simpler and more cost efficient to leverage the DPp, enabling you to run stateful applications with lower TCO and simplified operations and management. There is no longer a need to purchase NSX licenses for the networking functionality required; you will only need the vSphere+/vSAN+ licenses to use the Data Persistence platform.

Meet vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture

vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture delivers the highest levels of performance and efficiency from your next-generation storage devices.

Optimized Performance

Boost performance on next-generation devices by up to 4x, without compromising space efficiency.

Supreme Efficiency

Lower storage TCO by up to 40% with enhanced data compression and adaptive storage efficiencies.

Heightened Resilience

Boost availability and meet higher SLA requirements through a new storage pool construct.

Agile Operations

Enjoy a consistent, intuitive management experience across all vSAN deployments and architectures.

Optimize Your Multi-Cloud Investments

Hyperconverged Infrastructure provides the simplest path to multi-cloud, cutting through cloud chaos with high agility at lower costs. vSAN 8 Update 1 enables you to extract the most value from these infrastructure investments.

Technical Overview: What’s New in vSAN 8 Update 1

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Scale Flexibly & Efficiently with HCI Mesh

Optimize resource utilization by scaling storage independently from compute, across any topology.

Introducing vSAN+

Deliver cloud-connected, subscription-based vSAN services for on-premises deployments.

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