Why Retailers Choose VMware

Transform Customer Experience

Build, run, and manage the next generation of applications to personalize and optimize shopping experiences and services across channels and devices. 

Empower a Modern Retail Workforce

Improve retail operations from anywhere. Provide all employees—from store associates to corporate to support reps—with secure, seamless access to retail apps and data. 

Increase IT Efficiency and Agility

Standardize infrastructure and operations on one digital foundation across clouds. Reduce costs and complexity while improving app performance and resiliency.

Bolster Data Security

Embed security into every layer of the IT infrastructure to operationalize Zero-Trust security and better identify, prevent, detect, and respond to threats and abnormalities at scale.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Standardize IT on One Digital Foundation

Consolidate on-premises retail infrastructure on one digital foundation. Leverage automation and a consistent architectural model across data center, cloud, and edge environments to increase IT efficiency and availability.

Enable New Capabilities with Modern Apps

Create engaging omnichannel experiences and launch new digital products and services faster with a modern application architecture. VMware modern app solutions enable retailers to build, iterate, and deliver better software, faster.

Achieve Greater Agility and Resiliency

Leverage public cloud to access retail infrastructure, apps, and services on demand. Meet unexpected, seasonal, or cyclical spikes and maintain business continuity across ecommerce, in-store, and edge environments. 

Quickly Respond to Consumer Expectations

Meet fast-changing business requirements and improve the customer experience by transforming development and operations. Continuously optimize, update, and expand digital capabilities without breaking application architecture.

Expand Commerce Opportunities and Markets

Evolve toward a modular, cloud-native infrastructure that integrates with the wider ecosystem of retail partners, platforms, and technologies to broaden reach and enable new capabilities and revenue streams at scale.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

VMware Helps Keep DICK’S Sporting Goods in the Game

From helping the sporting goods retailer ace cloud-native software development or scale to meet unprecedented online demand at the height of the pandemic, VMware continues to be a trusted partner in DICK’S digital transformation journey. 

More Retail Solutions

Improve Customer and Employee Experience

Drive value into every customer engagement and empower retail workforces to do their best work from anywhere with VMware modern app, multi-cloud, and digital workspace solutions.

Protect Retail Data and Consumer Trust

Protect against cyber threats, safeguard PII, and enforce Zero Trust across any app, any cloud, and any device with VMware intrinsic cybersecurity solutions.

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