Why State and Local Governments Choose VMware

Improve Performance

Transform IT infrastructure and operations across data center, cloud, and edge environments to accelerate the delivery of critical services and improve citizen experiences.

Accelerate Innovation

Modernize or migrate legacy applications, deliver developer-ready infrastructure, automate service delivery, and integrate AI/ML to offer new digital capabilities and value.

Lower TCO

Standardize infrastructure and operations on one digital foundation to reduce IT complexity and enable efficient, agile delivery of IT services across hybrid cloud environments.

Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Bolster an intrinsic security strategy. Operationalize Zero Trust, reduce attack surfaces, and proactively detect and remediate deviations and anomalies across systems and processes.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Operate Hybrid Cloud Government Infrastructure

Rationalize and standardize infrastructure and operations on one digital foundation and embrace a secure cloud delivery model for more responsive and effective government IT operations.

Speed Delivery of Government Digital Services

Power every application on any cloud. With VMware multi-cloud solutions, government agencies can migrate, operate, and automate apps and workloads consistently across clouds to boost IT agility, efficiency, and resiliency.

Enable Greater Agility and Continuity at Scale

Dynamically respond to shifts in demand. Extend on-site government infrastructure and operations to any cloud and maintain high availability despite unpredictable spikes in capacity or unexpected system failures.

Transform Citizen and Employee Experiences

Reduce dependency on legacy systems and continuously innovate with VMware modern app solutions. Modernize software development and delivery to provide citizens and workforces with digital experiences that transform service delivery.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

A Municipality’s Five-Year Leap in Digitization

The city of Haarlem in North Holland modernized its data center and workplace environment using VMware cloud and digital workspace solutions. As a result, the municipality took a five-year leap forward in its digital transformation goals.

More State and Local Government Solutions

Deliver Exceptional Citizen and Workforce Experiences

Support secure digital-first experiences for citizens and employees with VMware modern application and digital workspace solutions.

Protect Government Data and Citizen Trust

Embed security into every layer of infrastructure and operations to enable intrinsically secure workloads and protect applications and data across on and off-site control points.

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