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Attention:If you are installing VMware ESX software on a new system, follow the process to download the supported version as documented in the Stratus release notes. If you wish to upgrade the software on an existing system, see here for information about the versions of VMware ESX software and ftServer System Software (ftSSS) available for your system. Then contact your Stratus Sales Representative for information on how to obtain the appropriate versions.

Please Note: Redemption of Partner Activation Codes acknowledges acceptance of VMware End User License Agreement. EULA details may be viewed here: http://www.vmware.com/download/eula.html or you may contact Customer Service for assistance.

You purchased VMware products from Stratus Technologies, Inc., and you received one or more Partner or Promotion Activation Codes for these products.

In order to deploy the VMware product(s) you purchased from Stratus Technologies, Inc. you need to:

  1. Register the activation codes to your name. If you have registered with VMware in the past, sign in below. If you are new to VMware, click the "Register" button to continue.
  2. After you sign in or register, you will be sent an email with your product serial number(s), or a license activation code, and further instructions for activating the products you purchased.


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