Open Source Community Highlights

Heralding a new way to improve contact tracing 

Herald is an open source Bluetooth protocol, intended to improve the accuracy and efficacy of contact tracing. According to Adam Fowler, Herald’s maintainer, the utlimate goal is to make digital contact tracing so reliable that it negates the need for geographical lockdowns. Find out how a train to London made it all possible. 

Musings on Software Supply Chain Security 

There’s a class of security compromise or exploit commonly refered to as “remote root.” This is the worst kind of security flaw possible for it allows somebody, anybody to execute arbitrary code on your computer with elevated privileges. And yet, it's something that developers frequently use without thinking: the SUDO command. Is there another option? Tim Pepper proposes some options.

BuildKit CLI for kubectl

Here's a new open source Kubernetes CLI plugin for building container (OCI) images. This CLI, optimized for developers, implements a familiar UX within kubectl and uses an open source component called BuildKit to build Dockerfiles into images directly inside your Kubernetes cluster. Daniel Hiltgen gives us a tour.

History of Open Source and Free Software

Listen to a lively discussion featuring VMware's Chief Open Source Officer, Dirk Hohndel, as he talks about why anyone pursues open source and what it means to you. Go beneath the surface of the words "open source" and hear about the vision and ideology behind the movement and its history. Find out where it's headed tomorrow.

Navigating Open Source Risk

Nearly all modern software is based on open source - whether it's a small component or a provides significant feature or function. But before you adopt any open source code, assess the risk. In this blog series, Dawn Foster explains the different types of risk present in open source and how to manage it.

5 Steps to Finding Your Open Source Flow

The universe of open source is vast - with millions of projects, thousand of communities and infinite possibilities to get involved. So, how do you start? First - don't be intimidated, instead be curious! In this blog post, Program Manager Stefka Dimitrova gives you five steps towards finding your place in open source.

Foundation Memberships

Neutral, open governance organizations and foundations help critical open source projects and their communities thrive. VMware is a proud member of the following open source organizations.

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation enables companies to drive global innovation by growing open technology ecosystems that transform industries.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Building sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software

Cloud Foundry Foundation

Founded to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard for delivering the best developer experience

Eclipse Foundation

Provides a global community with a mature, scalable, and business-friendly environment for open source software collaboration.

LF Data & AI

Supports and fosters open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and data.


Advancing the discipline of FinOps and cloud financial management through best practices, education and standards.

LF Networking

Fostering collaboration and innovation across the entire open networking stack

Core Infrastructure Initiative

Funds and supports critical open source elements of the global information infrastructure.


A cross-industry collaboration that gathers leaders to improve the security of open source software (OSS) by building a broader community, targeted initiatives, and best practices.

Open Container Initiative

Supports and maintains the creation of open industry standards around container formats and runtime.

LF Confidential Computing Consortium

Collaboration of hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards

Open Infrastructure Foundation

Supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally by hosting open source projects and communities of practice.

Let's Encrypt

A free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for public benefit. 

Automated Compliance Tooling Project

Support development of open source tooling to enable license compliance, security, export control, pedigree and provenance workflow.

Software Heritage Foundation

Preserves software source code for present and future generations

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