Thank you in advance for participating in the VMware Partner Relationship Survey! Feedback from past surveys has influenced many improvements to our partner program, including:

Profitability and Predictability of Benefits

  • Profitability: Improved profitability through increased discounts
  • Lead Generation: We’re providing cross-sell/up-sell leads to our Partners to increase new product sales by our Partners at the time of sales engagement with customers for support renewals.

Ease of Doing Business with VMware

  • Deal Registration
    • Auto Validation – the Deal Registration system speeds up turnaround time on approvals by automatically validating and approving the registration form.
    • Single Registration Form – the Advantage+ and ELA Registration forms have been combined into a single registration form.
  • Renewals
    • Portal Enhancements - Complete redesign of our Renewals Center Portal enables easy and fast access to support renewal sales quotes provided by VMware.
  • Licensing
    • Flexibility - For vRealize Suite, end-customers now have the ability to switch licenses between Private and Public Cloud or between vSphere and Non-vSphere hosts.
  • Packaging
    • Simplify – Simplification through reduction of SKUs
    • Ease of Upgrade - Alignment of vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite with reduced upgrade complexity and no need for Fair Value Conversion.