Run more virtual machines per server without performance degradation with AMD Opteron processor based-systems. See, improved efficiency, greater productivity and enhanced scalability--giving you greater return on your virtualization investment. Get optimized virtualization for even the most demanding virtualized applications.

A Robust Virtualization Ecosystem

Operational Excellence. The AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture is built on the innovative AMD64 technology that directly connects memory to the CPU. This provides the underlying foundation to support demands of the memory-intensive virtualization
software like VMware.

Optimal Virtualization. Third-Generation AMD Opteron processors with AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) technology provide a balanced approach to virtualization performance, enabling more virtual machines to run per server and more users and transactions to be handled per virtual machine. Rapid Virtualization Indexing™, an enhancement to AMD-V technology, is designed to increase the performance of the most demanding virtualized applications through hardware-assisted memory management, enabling faster switching between virtual machines.

Extensibility and Investment Protection. A key factor in data center optimization is planning ahead for intelligent growth that will enable faster deployment and better management of services. AMD's common-core strategy, same socket infrastructure, and stable, long-term road map enables seamless upgrade of processor technology to help you minimize the cost of transitions and maximize past investments in hardware, software, and personnel. Choosing the powerful combination of the AMD Opteron processor and VMware virtualization software can deliver a dramatic leap forward in platform stability, scalability, performance, and investment protection.