Savings, Scalability and Simplicity for Mission-Critical Workloads 

Integrated solutions from VMware and Lenovo dramatically reduce IT complexity and costs, so you can embrace modern workloads with confidence. You can trust our secure, reliable and tested solutions for data center and cloud, storage and availability, and desktop and mobility.


vSphere with Operations Management on Lenovo | System x 

Capture key cloud benefits without making significant cloud infrastructure investments. vSphere with Operations Management on System x servers provides a robust and innovative solution for optimizing virtualization. Benefits include:

  • Architected for better virtualization performance
    With support for up to 1 TB additional memory—by far the most memory in the industry for x86 servers—System x enables you to run more virtual machines per processor and expand memory.
  • Pre-integrated, pre-tested and cloud-ready
    Everything you need is included in a single solution, optimized to manage larger workloads.
  • Simpler, more productive workflows
    Deeply integrated system management tools allow you to perform management, monitoring, configuration and task updates for servers, and provision and migrate volumes for storage.
vSphere with Operations Management on System x Resources

vCloud Suite on Lenovo | System x X6  

vCloud Suite with X6 can help you build an exceptionally reliable private cloud quickly, and manage it efficiently. This allows you to support mission-critical applications today, and flexibly extend and scale into a software-defined data center over time. Benefits include:

  • Better performance
    Enjoy 100 percent faster compute performance 1 to accelerate decision making and application performance, while 3X more memory capacity 2 increases virtual machine performance.
  • Agility
    Easily add capacity and have business-critical workloads up and running within minutes, and migrate workloads between servers in just minutes with no downtime.
  • Reduced IT costs
    vCloud Suite on X6 with the new eXFlash memory-channel storage technology delivers greater CapEx and OpEx savings, resource utilization and staff productivity.
vCloud Suite on X6 Resources

vSAN with Lenovo | System x 

vSAN running on System x provides a scalable and resilient x86 hypervisor-converged storage solution optimized for virtual environments. The combined offering simplifies enterprise storage management while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) for mission-critical, high-performance workloads. Benefits include:

  • Unsurpassed simplicity
    Designed to make storage easier to manage and operate, the combined solution takes the complexity out of your virtual environment.
  • Higher performance
    Hypervisor-converged storage (shared storage through seamless integration with vSphere) optimizes the I/O path for better performance than virtual appliances or external devices.
  • Lower TCO
    Leveraging server components drastically reduces storage capital costs, while granular capacity scaling eliminates over-provisioning and large upfront investments.
vSAN on System x Resources

Horizon 6 on Lenovo | System x 

This validated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) reference architecture enables you to support and manage physical and virtual desktops without compromising on security, scalability or mobility. The solution simplifies IT manageability and control while delivering a high fidelity user experience across devices and networks. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced mobility and agility
    Deliver anytime, anywhere access and enable a flexible and productive mobile workforce.
  • Better security and compliance
    Protect user data and applications with centralized security and management, and run business-critical applications with confidence and compliance.
  • Improved operational efficiency
    Share resources, centrally manage images and leverage virtualization expertise to lower TCO and realize faster time-to-value.

SAP HANA with vSphere on Lenovo | System x X6 for Production Environments 

VMware, SAP and Lenovo have developed a solution that transforms IT into a strategic business resource. Combining SAP HANA with vSphere on X6 servers transforms and virtualizes your mission-critical SAP landscape, including SAP HANA production environments. Benefits include:

  • Lower TCO
    SAP HANA with vSphere on System x delivers hardware and workflow efficiencies that reduce your TCO for long-term budget advantages.
  • Faster time-to-value
    Make faster, better decisions with innovations that allow you to streamline tasks and manage virtualized SAP HANA environments more effectively.
  • Better service levels
    Superior reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features keep your highly-resilient SAP HANA with vSphere on System x solution up and running.

1 100 percent performance improvement is based on preliminary results of SPECint*_rate_base2006, SPECfp*_rate _base2006, and TPC-E benchmarks, plus performance gains from eXFlash DIMM storage. SPEC and TPC benchmark results will be available at and, respectively, after 18 Feb. 2014. Configurations: four-socket x3850 X6 server using Intel Xeon processor E7-4890 v2 vs. four-socket server using the previous top-of-the-line E7-4870 processor (v1).

2 6 TB maximum memory vs. 2 TB or less for previous-generation competitive four-socket servers.