ITQ and VMware Help Customers Embrace Change with VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

A Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said "Change is the only constant in life." And more than 2,500 years later, his words are as true as ever. For the business world, it means continuously facing new challenges and keeping up with change through constant innovation.

ITQ, a VMware knowledge partner, knows that what businesses need today to be successful may not be what they'll need a few years out. When working with any of their more than 200 customers, ITQ always puts their clients first and builds solutions for continued success both today and in the future.

"We're constantly engaging with our customers to see what their next goal will be and how we can help. With that, we can plan what they will need in the future, what their strategy needs to be, and then work with them to make it a reality," says Francisco Perez van der Oord, founder and president of ITQ.


To achieve flexible, scalable customer success, ITQ holds regular workshops to see where they want to be in the next few years. Then ITQ builds a roadmap to give customers guidance and help them make the right decisions today that will remain the right decision as their forward-looking plans play out. "The VMware portfolio gives our customers the freedom and flexibility for success today and tomorrow," says Perez.

A Platform for Success Built on VMware

A VMware partner for more than a decade, ITQ capitalizes on the large VMware partner ecosystem. Through a combination of VMware's management tools and technology as well as the partner technology landscape, ITQ creates collaborative multi-cloud solutions that fit each customer's needs.

"ITQ brings flexibility and choice to customers, especially because of our wealth of knowledge in the multi-cloud world," says the managing director of ITQ managed services, Mike Janssen. VMware Tanzu application platforms, especially, help ITQ to provide that flexibility and choice, enabling the VMware partner to create multi-cloud solutions on Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or any other hyperscaler.

"The speed at which VMware innovates—both in their products and the market—is fast. Being a part of their ecosystem means you can bring a lot of success to your customers with VMware technology," Perez says, "and VMware Cross-Cloud managed services are helping customers adopt new technology faster than ever."

Accelerating Implementation of New Tech with VMware

Based out of the Netherlands and with offices in Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg, ITQ focuses on creating multi-cloud strategies to accelerate digital transformation for companies in French-, German-, and Dutch-speaking countries across Europe. One of those customers was a leading innovator with nearly 1,000 employees worldwide that needed a better way to manage their infrastructure.

Part of the issue ITQ's client faced was the need for sovereign clouds, where data stays within the country of origin and all foreign access is prevented. ITQ used VMware Cloud Foundation to allow their client to simultaneously build their own stack in any country they needed and centrally manage all of it.

VMware's technology also enabled ITQ to easily add new infrastructure to any of the physical locations to meet the customer's increasing demand. With ITQ's help, the customer's ramp-up time in new locales is significantly accelerated, becoming operable in a matter of days rather than months.

As a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider, ITQ is excited about the future the two companies will help create. "We have a very happy customer base, and that's because of the partnership between VMware and ITQ and the trust we've built. I'm proud of what we've accomplished and the results we've been able to achieve for our customers," says Perez.

Check out the VMware Partnership Perspectives podcast episode featuring Francisco Perez, Founder and President of ITQ and Anna Borgström, CEO of NetClean.

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