Veeam Secures Data Across Multiple Clouds with Seamless VMware Integration

If anyone understands data protection in a virtualized multi-cloud world, it’s Veeam. Since its founding in 2006, Veeam has focused on simplifying backup, replication, and recovery for virtual machines in partnership with VMware. In fact, Veeam’s first applications were developed on VMware vSphere and, today, more than 300,000 Veeam customers run their data protection solution on vSphere.

The Veeam-VMware partnership continues to grow, now encompassing every type of cloud imaginable. Daniel Fried, general manager and senior vice president of Veeam’s EMEA and worldwide channel, says, “It's extremely interesting what we've seen over the last three or four years. A lot of companies are trying to accelerate their transformation to more cloud-native applications. But it could be cloud A, cloud B, cloud C, and so on. So, this is where multi-cloud starts to be important, and this is what VMware is doing extremely well.”

Fried points out that the trend toward multi-cloud is evidenced by a recent Veeam survey that found 88% of companies running workloads on one cloud have moved to another cloud. Because of this, he says, VMware Cross-Cloud™ services are especially important. “What VMware is doing now with Cross-Cloud services is absolutely key to delivering elasticity. It allows the end customers to be capable of moving from cloud A to cloud B or cloud C. And we do the same with our backup and replication solutions.”

Assuring Security Across Multiple Clouds

Naturally, securing data across multiple clouds is of the utmost importance. Complementing VMware’s secure infrastructure capabilities, Veeam further strengthens multi-cloud security by providing a single platform for companies to control and protect all their data, regardless of where it resides.

Together, the two companies provide a powerful set of capabilities. For example, VMware Intrinsic Security offers a strategic approach for integrating threat intelligence into existing data protection solutions, like Veeam. Another example is VMware Sovereign Cloud, which ensures sensitive data is protected on a trusted, local cloud infrastructure.

Fried explains that once the data is secured within a country, Veeam is there to ensure that data is managed correctly, backed up and replicated, and readily available if it should need to be restored. Additionally, Veeam offers additional technology—CDP, or continuous data protection—to automatically backup data on predefined time intervals to ensure data is protected up to the second.

Fried notes, “If you structure and organize your data properly using VMware and Veeam, you’ll be able to secure your data. And if there ever is an incident, you’ll be able to restore that data quickly. That helps keep your business safe in the midst of growing cybersecurity threats.”

Continually Innovating for the Future

For Veeam, priority number one is always finding solutions to simplify life for its customers. Fried advises that this requires a great deal of flexibility to adapt to changing customer need—flexibility that Veeam and VMware bring through a broad cloud-smart ecosystem.

“The ecosystem of partners is something in our world now that is extremely important for making sure we can meet the requests of customers,” Fried says. “It is the ecosystem that brings together the right combination of services and solutions. For Veeam, being part of the cloud smart ecosystem is absolutely critical because it combines the data layer that we run with the entire VMware infrastructure.”

He concludes, “We love that VMware provides up to date technology and is constantly innovating for the future. This allows Veeam to keep up with changing customer needs and continually move our business forward in partnership with VMware.”

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