2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Atos has won the 2023 Worldwide Lifecycle Services Award!

Atos Earns the 2023 VMware Partner Worldwide Lifecycle Services Award for Enabling end-to-end Digital Transformations

True transformation is often a team effort. No matter what type of transformation, working with a trusted partner can make all the difference. For Atos, realizing their goal of engineering the digital world of the future means being a trusted partner that helps clients succeed in their digital transformation journeys.

"We try to harness 'the power of we,'" says Colleen Fogerty, head of partner strategic marketing at Atos. "It's all about creating foundations for businesses to make an impact both for its customers and for society at large." With more than 110,000 employees globally, Atos brings its diverse and multicultural lens to every project, enabling the VMware partner to see things other companies might miss and design the best possible solution for long-term success.

Working hand-in-hand to Power Transformations

For over a decade, Atos and VMware have designed extensive solutions for their clients and are now tightly aligned. Atos is one of VMware's largest strategic partners in EMEA, with thousands of employees dedicated to and certified in VMware solutions. This has enabled the companies to partner to build more holistic, end-to-end environments that support a customer's entire digital transformation rather than solving a single challenge.

The dedication to designing solutions that solve both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges earned Atos the Worldwide Lifecycle Services Award in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. These awards honor VMware ecosystem partners for delivering solutions and services that result in noteworthy performance, impact, and customer outcomes.

"We are very proud to receive this award," says Laurent Barbet, the SVP head of infrastructure and data management at Atos. "It demonstrates the dedication and strategic alignment our two organizations share. The combination of Atos's leadership in data center infrastructure and hybrid cloud provisioning with the virtualization, application migration, and workload optimization expertise of VMware deliver on two business critical fronts that benefit our mutual customers."

Enabling Real Change Through Digital Transformation

A large industrial manufacturer that was a long-time client of Atos and VMware was searching for ways to support its digital transformation with a fully automated hybrid cloud solution. As a leader and pioneer in its industry, the company had several goals tied to its digital transformation, including reducing its carbon footprint and improving its upgrade deployment process in locations worldwide.

The overarching goal, however, was to simplify the company's existing operations to run in a multi-cloud environment while delivering the security and control typical of an on-premises solution. One of the complicating factors, though, was that the system needed to integrate several pre-designed software packages to run the client's cloud-native applications as they continued to run their critical legacy applications.

The client got the exact solution they needed with Atos's Digital Hybrid Cloud (DHC) platform, which is built on VMware technology. Through a combination of VMware Cloud Foundation, a full software-defined data center, VMware Aria automation, and the client's integrated software stack, Atos and VMware deployed their resilient, software-defined solution across 11 sites globally.

The deployment has been a resounding success, with the company gaining operational simplicity and cloud agility. Working with Atos and VMware, the company solved their digital transformation challenges and gained a pay-as-you-grow model to set them up for future success.

Since deploying the solution, the company has already seen an up to 40% reduction in support tickets, a 20% lower total cost of ownership, and an up to 8x faster go-to-market for new digital services. The company's original goals were also achieved, with a 75% reduction in upgrade deployment times and a 20% reduction in carbon footprint, all of which attests to the notable outcomes that the partnership between Atos and VMware can achieve.

Building Pathways for Future Success

Atos's dedication to "the power of we" and their strong ongoing partnership with VMware will now reach new heights with VMware Cross-Cloud managed services. "We believe that a multi-cloud continuum consisting of private cloud, multiple public clouds, sovereign clouds, and edge computing will be needed to do business in the future," says Milena Rauti, global head of cloud portfolio for Atos.

With the set of managed services that VMware offers with VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, Atos and VMware are poised to help companies better define their multi-cloud environments and make it easier than ever for them to manage applications. By combining Atos cloud services and VMware technology, businesses can more easily innovate and scale in the public cloud while being bolstered by the secure foundation of the private cloud continuum.

"With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, Atos and VMware remove so many of the challenges associated with migrating, modernizing, and managing multi-cloud environments. We ensure that businesses are truly reaping the maximum rewards possible, with minimal risk and the quickest time-to-value," says Fogerty.

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