Carahsoft Solves Challenges for its Unique Customer Base with VMware

Smarter cloud adoption often means deploying applications and workloads into a multi-cloud environment. However, many US government agencies can find this particularly challenging—even more so than private sector companies—because of their years of legacy applications, strict IT controls, and requirements to protect citizen and agency information.

Carahsoft, an IT solutions provider and VMware partner that supports Federal, State and Local Government and Education and Healthcare organizations, understands the nuances that the public sector requires. "Our customers have unique challenges, but with VMware, we can support them in a variety of ways with highly scalable solutions," says Will Jones, Carahsoft's SVP.

With VMware, Carahsoft provides strategies to better optimize and secure their customers' IT environments no matter where their workloads reside—in the cloud or at the edge—and at every step in their cloud migration. As government agencies look to improve their infrastructure, many are now building natively on VMware Tanzu in the cloud, helping to increase the security and agility of their mission-critical applications.

Setting the Stage for Success

Integral to Carahsoft's approach to multi-cloud is crafting the right solution to fit each customer. Carahsoft partners with best-of-breed vendors such as AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Google Cloud, and VMware so that agencies can achieve their current and future goals.

"Multi-cloud is a priority within Carahsoft, and we believe VMware Cross-Cloud managed services will help us deliver the right solutions to government customers," says Jones. Launching off the existing install bases of VMware throughout the public sector, Carahsoft is excited about the opportunity that VMware Cross-Cloud managed services will provide to enable the migration of those workloads to the cloud.

As technology continues to evolve, Carahsoft and its partners help their customers take advantage of newly introduced capabilities and opportunities. While deploying AI is anone such opportunity that government agencies are exploring, it is a long-term journey that is best undertaken with a solid strategy and comprehensive support structure. "Our customers look for experts to drive their AI and multi-cloud strategy. VMware and the partner ecosystem are critical to successfully adopting this new technology," says Jones.

Providing a Flexible, Secure multi-cloud Solution

In their migration to the cloud, a large federal agency needed a strategy that provided them with the needed security and flexibility to achieve their modernization goals. With VMware and its partner ecosystem, Carahsoft created a customized plan that allowed the agency to move its workloads off legacy systems and into the cloud.

With this strategy, the agency's migration is much more streamlined, speeding the process and allowing them to better serve constituents. "Without Carahsoft, VMware, and our partners, that agency would not have been able to move at the pace they needed. They're very happy with the results," says Jones.

As Carahsoft looks to the future, the possibilities are virtually endless. With VMware and the larger partner ecosystem, Carahsoft is poised to provide the support that agencies need as they look to adopt new technologies in their modernization journeys.

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