Coevolve Redefines Global Connectivity with Secure Cloud Network Solutions and Services

Back in 2014, the world of enterprise networking was evolving rapidly with numerous innovations entering the market to improve performance and flexibility. Although the new offerings appeared promising, many companies struggled to realize the full value of their network investments. That’s when Coevolve entered the picture.

Ciaran Roche, co-founder and chief technology officer of Coevolve, says, “We saw a gap in the market around services that could take enterprises along their transformation journey. We’ve built a service-focused business to help companies apply new technologies in a practical way that delivers the value they expect.”

Roche and his team observed that many businesses were limited by complex legacy networks that no longer met the requirements of users and applications today. He notes, “Most legacy networks are built around the concept of a constrained, closed perimeter where the users, applications, and all of the components of the network sit inside that perimeter.”

However, many users now are part of a hybrid workforce model and could be located anywhere—local or remote. Additionally, applications are moving out of on-premises data centers and into cloud environments. “That means using traditional network and security components isn’t going to deliver the performance and user experience the enterprise is looking for,” Roche says.

Instead, Coevolve enables its customers adopt virtual network solutions. As a VMware partner, those solutions center on VMware SD-WAN, part of a complete secure access service edge (SASE) platform that converges cloud networking and cloud security service to deliver flexibility, agility, and scale. Roche explains, “By putting an intelligent edge at each location in an enterprise and leveraging cloud-based network functionality with POPs [points of presence] around the world, companies can deliver high performance and security to users and applications regardless of where they reside.”

Raising Quality of End-user Experience, Lowering Costs

Coevolve proved the value of network transformation for one of its global customers serving the automotive industry, a large Australia-based enterprise with locations around the world. AutoPacific Group needed to transfer large CAD files between its global sites to help engineers collaborate more quickly and efficiently. But its traditional network model, which relied on legacy protocols like MPLS and traditional routers at each location, was costly and had limited bandwidth to support business demands.

“The company had great ambitions of rolling out cloud-based infrastructure and applications for their users, but they couldn’t do that using the traditional legacy environment,” Roche says. “We showed them an alternative path that could take advantage of much lower-cost internet connectivity at their locations while significantly increasing overall bandwidth.”

In partnership with the VMware team, Coevolve helped AutoPacific Group completely transform its wide-area network (WAN) with VMware SD-WAN and Coevolve Co-Managed SD-WAN services. Roche notes, “Using VMware SD-WAN, we were able to deliver a high-quality overlay that takes the best of all available internet connectivity at the edge to drive a higher quality of service, more bandwidth, and a better overall user experience for the customer.”

Having access to a large pool of low-cost internet-based bandwidth gives users seamless, global access to applications while accelerating file transfers and lowering costs. Roche reports, “By deploying the VMware SD-WAN and SASE solution, we were able to increase available bandwidth at the customer’s locations by a factor of ten in most cases. That allows a big improvement in the user experience, being able to access cloud-based applications like Microsoft 365 and high-quality video conferencing with much higher performance. We were also able to achieve cost savings of approximately 40 percent compared to the legacy environment.”

Leveraging the Global Value of VMware Partnership

As a VMware partner, Coevolve gains access to the full range of VMware multi-cloud solutions to meet the growing needs of its global customers. Roche says, “We're seeing our clients deploy workloads in an ever-increasing number of clouds. Through the VMware Cloud Smart ecosystem, we're able to leverage a full suite of services for our clients to enable their digital transformation initiatives and improve their end-user experience.”

Importantly, in partnership with VMware, Coevolve brings added value to customers around the world. The company provides services in 80 countries, and by aligning with VMware’s global teams, Coevolve can deliver technical resources to its customer where and when they them. Roche notes, “We're operating mission-critical environments for our customers ,and having a strong technology partner like VMware behind us makes a big difference in delivering a successful outcome for the customer.”

Since its founding, Coevolve has been on a mission to transform wide area networking for global enterprises by standing out from others in the industry with innovative technology solutions and services. “Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from traditional models by leveraging next-generation technologies like VMware SD-WAN and SASE, delivered using our telco-independent, co-managed model,” Roche says. “We believe that by working with partners like VMware, we can continue to be the trendsetter in this space, offering differentiated experiences for our global clients today and into the future.”

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