comdivision and VMware Show how Leading-edge Cloud Solutions Help Customers Gain a Competitive Lead in Their Industries

For more than 25 years, comdivision has drawn from its deep well of infrastructure knowledge to help organizations gain business value from leading-edge technologies. And for the majority of that time, the company has done it in partnership with VMware. In fact, comdivision was the first partner to achieve all eight VMware Master Services Competencies (MSCs) globally, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to continuously expanding its knowledge and delivering excellence to every customer engagement.

Yves Sandfort, comdivision’s CEO, says, “When VMware started the program around master services competencies, our team was among the first to earn them, which firmly joined our brand together with VMware. Today, having earned all eight MSCs allows comdivision to showcase our capabilities in delivering cutting-edge virtualization and cloud solutions for our customers.”

Many of comdivision’s customers view technology as a way to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving global economy—to lead in their respective industries by gaining greater operational speed and agility. In many cases, this means adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

“Very early in the assessment of every customer, we want to understand their business and what they are trying to achieve with technology,” Sandfort explains. “Today, in a more and more complex world, we are helping customers move from an on-prem data center to the new multi-cloud world and re-architecting their environment to get the best out of each cloud.”

He adds, “That is why partnering with VMware is very important for us. We have customers who thrive on being cutting-edge, and by leveraging VMware technology we enable them to fulfill their vision.”

Enabling a Leading Manufacturer to Streamline Global Operations

comdivision works with customers of all sizes, across multiple industries, delivering solutions that range from cloud infrastructure, management and automation to digital workspaces, data center virtualization, software-defined networking (SD-WAN), and more. Sandfort notes, “We have a very in-depth relationship with VMware, working together to build massive cloud environments and architect some of the complex solutions imaginable.”

One of comdivision’s long-time customers that benefited from the VMware partnership very early on is VEKA, the world’s largest manufacturer of extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profile systems for windows and doors. VEKA has manufacturing facilities in 40 countries around the world and employs more than 6,000 people.

VEKA has used VMware virtualization in its data centers for more than a decade, and as its workforce became more distributed globally, the company looked for additional VMware solutions to support greater collaboration and workspace efficiency. comdivision was ready to deliver.

“VEKA started as one of the early adopters of VMware infrastructure virtualization in Germany, and they were the first in Germany to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure,” Sandfort points out. “It was only natural for us to help them on this next stage of their journey with a VMware SD-WAN solution.”

Over the course of two years, comdivision worked in partnership with VMware to move VEKA off its traditional wide-area network (WAN) to a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), implement a multi-cloud strategy, and deploy VMware Workspace ONE for application management across all its devices worldwide.

Sandfort reports that the customer saw benefits from the SD-WAN almost immediately. “We had a case just last year in the US where all of a sudden VEKA was running out of space in one of its manufacturing plants. They were able to find new space, but with MPLS, they would have potentially waited six months to get connectivity. Whereas, with the combination of SD-WAN and satellite technologies, we could bring that new manufacturing plant up and have them connected within a matter of weeks.”

Additionally, Workspace ONE has streamlined device management, enabling VEKA to reduce operational costs and deliver more consistent security, all while making it faster and simpler to onboard users. User satisfaction is up and there is more consistent security. Sandfort notes, “For VEKA, security has always been on the forefront. They enabled all their mobile devices, whether cell phones, tablets, scanners, or other media devices, with Workspace One. So, they have total control over each device with multi-factor authentication and secure device management.”

By moving VEKA into a multi-cloud environment, comdivision has also opened up a world of possibilities for the company to expand and adapt to compete effectively as its business continues to grow. “As a partner, comdivision is optimistic about VMware’s multi-cloud roadmap because it takes into consideration that there is no single cloud or technology that will solve every customer's problems. With VMware, we’re able to help customers utilize whatever infrastructure approach is best to meet their needs, whether it's on-prem, in private cloud, or with any cloud provider they choose.”

Sandfort concludes, “At comdivision, we believe in VMware technologies. They enable us to always be at the forefront of the industry, and to build solutions our customers need not only the next few months, but for the coming decade and beyond.”

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