Computacenter brings Award-Winning Strategy and Direction to Enterprises with VMware

In the past three decades, businesses have had to race to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. Unfortunately, advancing from what we had 30 years ago to what we have now hasn't been a straight line. As a result, a company’s digital transformation journey is littered with obstacles and challenges.

Computacenter, a leading independent technology and services provider based in the U.K., has been on that journey with businesses worldwide, helping them on their innovation journeys. The company, with its broad expertise in technology sourcing and professional and managed services, is committed to customer success and making it easy for clients to work with them. Only after first understanding all available technologies and how they can benefit clients—and then closely partnering with each client to understand their unique needs—does Computacenter design a solution.

Creating Scalable, Award-Winning Solutions

Computacenter's focus on customer service and innovation with VMware solutions to accelerate digital transformations earned them this year's Cloud Innovation and SaaS Transformation Award for the EMEA region in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. The strategic VMware partner of more than 20 years was recognized for creating end-to-end solutions with next-gen technology to drive their clients’ business outcomes and improve operational efficiencies.

"We're honored to receive this year's Cloud Innovation and SaaS Transformation Award for EMEA," says Sarah Shields, group alliances director for Computacenter. "It's amazing to be recognized for what we've done, and it inspires us to continually raise the bar on everything we do."

After working with clients for the past three decades, the skills Computacenter has gained—and the partners with whom they've collaborated—help them to overcome any challenge. "The VMware partner ecosystem gives us more opportunities to deliver outstanding value to customers, and our partnership with VMware, specifically, is critical to our success," says Shields.

Helping Enterprises be Strategic about multi-cloud

In their pursuit of innovation and excellence, many of Computacenter's projects involve helping customers take advantage of multi-cloud environments. For many of Computacenter's clients, digital transformation involves migrating some or all their workloads to a multi-cloud environment. And for Computacenter, the key to success starts with planning. "The best multi-cloud journeys occur by design, not by default," says Shields.

Computacenter's methodical approach begins by first sitting down and understanding what matters to each client. By building a strong relationship early on, Computacenter can more effectively collaborate, determine the business outcomes that will enable growth. When VMware is the preferred technology, the company matches the latest VMware solutions such as VMware Tanzu or VMware Cloud Foundation with the customer's requirements and designs a solution to the ideal environment.

Underpinning every solution is Computacenter's emphasis on continuous innovation and advancement. "We're always asking ourselves questions like 'How do we make customers' ambitions possible while being efficient?' and 'How do we ensure long-term success?' Everything we do is based on our customers’ needs," says Shields.

A theme increasingly prevalent in Computacenter's client conversations is AI. The company is excited about the technology and how it will help enterprises evolve. "We're closely watching what top AI innovators such as VMware do. We're excited about the next chapter and the opportunities our continued partnership will bring," says Shields.

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